Winter Precautions For Your Homes In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 3:01am.

Winter in Canada is severe. They can affect the best Edmonton homes. Whether you have your own house or are living on rent, being prepared for winter is essential. Though you may feel your home is ready for the winter, there are certain things you should always double check. Here are a few winter precautions to prep your home for the winter.

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Check Your Heating Equipment

During the winter warmth is what you crave for. With the temperature dipping outside, you would want to feel the heat in your house. Hence, it is crucial to get all your heating equipment checked before the winter begins. Make sure your furnace and water heater are in top condition. If you are living in a rented home, inform the landlord about any problems in the heating equipment beforehand, so that timely repair is carried out.

Get The Lease Renewed

This precaution is necessary for both the landlord and the tenant. If you are residing in a rented home and the lease is getting over during winter, it is recommended that you get the lease renewed. Moving during winter can be very tedious, with severe cold and snow-clad outdoors. For a landlord, finding a new tenant in winter can also be tiresome as not many people prefer to move during winter.

Declutter Your Outdoors

Winter in Edmonton means heavy snowfall. While you are prepping the indoors for the winter, do not neglect your outdoors. You would not want your well-decorated deck and garden to get damaged during the winter. Clear out the gutters of fallen leaves and debris to avoid ice water clogging. Apply water resistant deck stain to protect it from moisture. Get a cover for your deck furniture and take small plants indoors.

Check Your Plumbing System

Checking your plumbing system is very essential. The icy cold water which you receive in the winter can be harmful to your pipes. Uninspected pipes could have rust. If your pipes freeze, they could burst as well. Also, insulation of pipes and water heating systems is a necessity.

Get Insured

Uncertain weathers come with uncertain accidents. One can never wonder what will happen in extremely cold weathers. It is always better to get your home insured to avoid paying up for damages. Having an insurance cuts down half your worries and also makes your home an attractive property in case you plan to put it up for rent.

Being prepared is always better than being at the center of problems, unprepared. It is always advisable to recheck on your home maintenance before the onset of winter. Whether you are renting the home or using it for your residential purpose, make sure to secure your home during winter for a peaceful winter stay. For assistance with lease renewal or getting agent support to get the best Edmonton homes, get in touch with us.

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