Types of Real Estate Agents

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 7:24am.

You must have a real estate agent by your side if you are buying or selling a real estate property. Having an agent by your side makes the deal much easier. This is because a real estate agent is experienced and has the knowledge in dealing with multiple real estate properties. Now there are different types of real estate agents. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Real Estate Agents in Edmonton

Buyer’s Agent

If you are planning to buy a home, then you might need a buyer’s agent. He is the one whose work is to search the proper location and the house based on your requirements. He manages the process right from searching the right home for you to finalizing or closing the deal. If you are not an experienced buyer, then having a buyer’s agent can be beneficial especially, during the negotiating process.

Seller’s Agent

If you plan to sell your property, then you might need a seller’s agent. He represents the person who wants to sell his property. The main aim of this type of agent is to sell the property at a good value. To ensure that the seller gets a good value for his house, a selling agent will carry out multiple tasks such as getting the property listed on various platforms, hosting an open house event, etc. 


Realtors are the real estate agents in Edmonton who have an assured realtor license of accessing the property listings in different areas. They have access to other benefits that other real estate agents may not have such as access to the property listings. Listing services give them greater access to homes which are available for sale.

Dual Agents

These are the agents who represent both a buyer and a seller. Since they are one point of contact for both parties i.e. the seller and the buyer, these agents may charge a reduced rate of commission. The interaction between a buyer and a seller becomes easier since there is only one primary source of contact in the form of dual agents. 

Apart from buying and selling properties, real estate agents also look after other property needs such as leasing or renting a property. The importance of having a real estate agent for selling or buying a property cannot be ignored. Therefore, based on your needs, decide which type of real estate agents is right for you. 

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