Types Of Homes In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 12:33am.

If you are planning to buy a new home in Edmonton, there are various types of properties that you can consider. Depending on your requirements, you can select the most suitable type of home. Let’s take a look at the types of homes we have in Edmonton:

Detached Single Family or Detached Home 

A detached home is generally isolated and located in a separate lot. Detached homes do not have common walls separating other buildings. Such homes also have extra space for the yard, parking lot, and garage. These homes can be single-storeyed, multi-storeyed, or a huge mansion, depending on the style and structure of the homes. Detached home is the most expensive type of home to purchase and maintain as the homeowners have to maintain the entire property on their own.

Semi-Detached Home or Side-by-Side Duplex

A semi-detached home is connected to another home side-by-side and both the homes or units share a common wall. Homeowners of each unit are responsible for looking after and maintaining their own property and don’t have to worry about the entire lot. Semi-detached homes are usually less expensive than fully detached homes. Semi-detached homes can be single-storeyed or multi-storeyed (2- or 3-storeyed).


A townhouse is a row of linear houses connected to each other side-by-side. Each home or unit shares a wall on either side with other homes or units. Sometimes, each home or unit has a separate entrance and yard. But there are townhouses with a common gate and fenced off, separate yard area. Townhouses usually have 2-3 storeys. 

Duplex or Triplex

A duplex or triplex is a building which is divided into 2 or 3 homes or units respectively. These homes have one unit on the main floor and other separate units above it. Like semi-detached homes and townhomes, each home or unit has its separate entrance and people living in them are responsible for the care of their own unit only. 


A condominium is a single building structure having a number of separate houses which are generally connected vertically and they are accessible through a common entrance. A condominium is generally like apartment buildings with various amenities. Homeowners only own the condo or unit and not the land on which the entire structure is built. Homeowners have to take care of their unit only and not the other common areas of the building.

Mobile or Modular Home

Mobile or modular homes are built off-site, in factories using wood and concrete, and are then shipped to the property and installed there. These homes are generally 2- or 3-storeyed or bungalow type detached homes which stand freely. These homes are dismantled in at least 2 sections, relocated to a new site, and reinstalled there. These homes can be easily relocated and reinstalled to other locations in future.

By now, you must have decided which type of home can best suit your requirements. Make your home-hunting easy with the help of our Edmonton real estate agents. We specialize in buying and selling all types of homes across Edmonton.

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