Things To Do After You Get Home Possession

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 6:14am.

Have you bought a new home in Canada? If yes, you might be thinking of shifting to your new home and have a relaxing time. Once you move into your new home, you should first complete all the after possession work. When you buy a house from Edmonton homes on sale listings, there are some things to consider when moving into a new house. Also, a few legal procedures are to be completed for peaceful living in future. Here are some things that you need to do after you get your home possession.

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Store And Digitize Your Documents

There will be many documents related to the buying process. It is important to keep them safe. You must create two to three copies of all the documents. Also, it is better to digitize the documents for easy access whenever needed. Storing your sales deed is just not enough. You need to preserve documents related to the bank loans, the transfer certificates, payment and mortgage receipts, and other important documents to the list.

Storing and digitization of all the documents will prevent you from any legal and fraud cases in the future.

Transfer Of Bills

Once you own the house, you should get the electricity, water, cable, and all the other utility bills in your name. Make sure to check the last readings before entering your new house. You will be liable to pay the money for the readings after you enter your new house. By the time you will shift, the bills should have been registered in your name.

Property Tax Transfer

The most important thing to perform is the transfer of property tax details to your name. Every individual has to pay tax on the property they own. The property tax is on the name of the seller. Once the house is in your name, you need to transfer the property tax to your name. This also acts as a proof that you own the particular property and hence, no one can claim that this property belongs to them.

Updating Your Address

You have all the legal documents registered on the address where you used to live. Once you get the possession, it’s time to change the address on all those legal documents. Your passport, driving license, bank details everything needs to be updated.

Following these above steps after getting the house possession will help you be at peace after shifting to the new house. You will not have to worry about any legal problems after that as you have all the proofs and documents ready in place. So if you are planning to buy a house, or already have a possession over one of the Edmonton homes on sale listings, do not forget to get all the above documentation and registrations done as soon as possible.

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