Six Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 at 2:54am.

Houses for Sale in Edmonton

You have finally decided to sell your home and are now looking for a potential buyer. However, if you have never sold a home before, you are bound to make mistakes. It is essential to understand the market before you put up houses for sale in Edmonton. Make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Not Assigning A Real estate Agent

The most common mistake when people put up houses for sale in Edmonton is not hiring an estate agent. People generally do this to avoid paying the commission to the agent. Sometimes they do it out of sheer ignorance. Hiring an agent, though adding the cost of a commission, ensures that you have an experienced person to guide you. They know the market well and ensure that the best deal comes your way.

Estimating Incorrect Value of the House

When placing your house on sale, it is necessary to add a price tag to it. This is something you should not do hastily. Take your time and analyze every aspect of your house before setting a resale value. Check for the make and build of the house if it’s Victorian, Colonial, etc. to understand how much it would cost in the market. You would require a little bit of research here.

Not Preparing your House

Before an important meeting, you make sure that you are prepared. Similarly, before showing your house to potential buyers, you need to prepare it. Make sure you do a complete maintenance check. It would be an added advantage to showcase your house with well-placed furniture as it will have a better impact compared to an empty house.

Being Closed to Negotiation

If you are putting up your house for sale, you will be coming across various kinds of buyers. No buyer is going to simply settle for the quoted price. Negotiations are an integral part of selling a house. If you are not open to negotiating, you would have a tough time selling your house. Real estate agents are good at handling negotiations and therefore, you should consider hiring one.

Using Only Traditional Methods

With time, many new methods of selling your home have been devised. If you stick to the old traditional methods, you are bound to get comparatively less number of buyers. Therefore, consider putting online listings and announcing an open house on the social media. An open house is a great platform to come face to face with many potential buyers at once.

Missing Out on the Legalities

The most important factor to pay extra attention to is the contract of sale. It is important to read any document before you sign it. Be very careful with this or you might end up agreeing to pay for the extra repairs before the sale by blindly signing a contract.

Now that you are aware of these mistakes, make sure you avoid them and have a smooth process to sell your house. For more help and assistance in putting up houses for sale in Edmonton, hire one of the best estate agents in Edmonton.

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