Pros And Cons Of Owning A Single-Family Detached Home

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 at 4:51am.

Northwest Edmonton Real Estate

Today, several home-hunters prefer buying a single-family detached home when looking for new Northwest Edmonton real estate properties. Just like any other types of houses in Edmonton, even single-family houses have their own pros and cons. You must consider the following advantages and disadvantages if you too are planning to buy a detached house.

Pros Of A Single-Family House


When you live in a single-family detached house, you get total privacy. As you own the entire freestanding property and don't share common walls, entrance or any other part of the property, you are the only one to look after your home and reside in it. There are no chances of nosy neighbors or unidentified visitors visiting your neighbors and peeping in your property too. This also increases the safety of your house and your loved ones.

Larger Space

Single-family homes are generally built in a larger area. These homes have adequate space for the main house structure, lawn, porch, backyard, and garage. Also, you have the freedom of building stories above your ground level.

Personalization Freedom

When you own a single-family detached home, you are the sole owner of your property. Therefore, you have all the right and freedom to customize and personalize your property as far as it meets the local Edmonton building codes. You can design your landscape the way you want or own pets; nobody will question or stop you from doing so.


Whether you pay the entire cost of the house upfront or buy a single-family home with the help of a loan or mortgage, you own the entire lot. The previous homeowner or any middleman does not hold any ownership once the house is sold to you. Hence, you can proudly call this home as your "own home."

Cons Of A Single-Family House


There is no question to it that along with being responsible for paying the price; you are also responsible for taking care of your single-family house. For every repair and daily maintenance, you are responsible for investing your time, efforts and money. This isn't the case when you buy a condominium.


Single-family homes, undoubtedly, are costlier than duplexes or condominiums. For the benefits and larger space they offer, you need to shell out a large chunk of your savings to afford them.

Feeling Of Isolation

When you live in a detached home, for at least 100-meter diameter range, you won't have any other house in the vicinity. This means that you won't have neighbors to talk to or look after your property when you are away. At times, you may feel isolated living in a detached home due to lack of frequently visiting or meeting neighbors.

Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks of owning a single-family detached home, you can make the right decision whether you should consider buying it or not. If you are planning to buy a detached home, you must also know that these homes have a higher resale value than other types of Northwest Edmonton real estate homes. Talk to our experienced real estate agents to find the best of NorthWest Edmonton real estate and make the right choice.

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