Northwest Edmonton Real Estate: How To Lower The Cost Of Your Home Loan

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 at 2:01am.

Northwest Edmonton Real EstateWhen buying a home in Northwest Edmonton real estate, there are various finances associated with real estate buying. The major finance undertaking when buying a house is the home loan you require. It is a long-term commitment you need to fulfil keeping in mind the principal amount and the interest rates. What if you could lower your loan cost to make it an easier commitment? Well, we have listed a few ways to lower the cost of your home loan.

A Bigger Down Payment

Having a bigger down payment is something you should consider if you have a good amount of saving. A bigger down payment means you have to borrow less money as your home loan. Also, having a bigger down payment expedites your loan approval process. A bigger down payment automatically brings down the mortgage as well. You could dip into your savings to figure out if this is an option for you.

One Extra Payment A Year

When deciding on the terms of your loan, a set amount for every month is finalized and accordingly, you make the mortgage payments. In a certain month if you are capable, make one extra payment towards your loan. The extra payment that you make will be directly applicable to your principal amount and you reduce paying the interest on the extra payment. Plus, it will reduce the tenure of the loan.

Maintain A Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score goes a long way when applying for a home loan. It gives you credibility and the lender will consider lending you money. A higher credit score makes a lender trust you for future payments, and thereby you end up getting a lower rate of interest. People with low credit scores are often charged with high rates of interest as the lenders are risking their money by lending it to them.

Opt For Shorter Tenure

If you can afford to pay bigger mortgages every month, choose a home loan with a shorter tenure. It will bring down the complete cost of your home loan. With a shorter tenure, the principal amount is repaid faster. The interest is then counted on the outstanding amount which is comparatively less. You need to take this decision with care, as you do not want to end up with a monthly mortgage cost that may exceed your monthly income. This will make it difficult to pay on time for each month.

Finalizing on the perfect home is not a satisfying experience unless you are up to the mark with your home loan related matters. To be a smart home buyer and to crack the best deal with the lowest home loan cost, consider the above-mentioned tips. Take the assistance of the best Northwest Edmonton real estate professionals to help you reduce your home loan.

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