Northwest Edmonton Real Estate: 6 Secret Thoughts Landlords have about Renters

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 at 11:12pm.

Northwest Edmonton Real Estate

When looking for a rental house in Northwest Edmonton real estate market, you need to check on various aspects. Apart from selecting a location, you need to check the facilities and screen the landlord. Having a cooperative landlord is always good when renting a house. Therefore, you need to understand what your landlord is thinking. To help you know more, here are a few secret thoughts landlord have about renters.

1. Why was the lease signed without being read?

Your landlord expects that you have read all the terms and conditions of the lease before you sign it. When you do not read the lease, you are unaware of the terms and conditions related to house modification, late penalties, and rent payment date. Lack of this knowledge can create big misunderstandings and problems during your rental period.

2. The complete maintenance is not my responsibility.

Renting a house makes you feel less responsible towards it as the house is not yours to look after. Also, the fact that the maintenance is something that the landlord will take care of makes you feel more relaxed about it. But that’s not how it works. While the landlord is responsible for major repairs, calling the landlord every time you need repairs is not a good thing. Certain simple repairs such as appliance cleaning, filter changes, etc. should be taken care of by the tenant themselves. Not disturbing your landlord for every single repair will keep him happy.

3. Why was I informed about a repair so late?

The house you are staying in may just be a rental home for you, but for a landlord, it is his hard work and investment. So when you experience a small issue that needs to be fixed, contact the landlord immediately instead of waiting for it to become bigger. When issues of plumbing and molding get bigger, they cause a lot of damage to the property, thereby depreciating its value. This will not go down well with your landlord. 

4. Revising and increasing rent is necessary sometimes.

Your landlord maybe good to you, but a sudden rise in the rent makes you feel bitter about him. You may think that it’s his strategy to get more money, but often it is not. Sudden changes in the prices of commodity and taxes compel the landlord to raise the rent. So, the next time this happens, try to understand the landlord’s perspective.

5. I don’t believe in grace periods.

Every landlord renting his apartment has only one wish, to receive the rent money on time. If a certain date of the month has been decided by both parties, then make sure to adhere to it. No landlord likes to receive late rent as it is his monthly income too. Also, asking for grace period will cost you more in the form of penalties.

6. I might renew and revise a better lease if you are a good tenant.

The best part about keeping your landlord happy is the extension of the lease. If you have been a good tenant who makes timely rent payments and follows the rules, then the landlord will just renew your lease and might also provide you with discounts on the rent. If not a discount, not increasing the rent is also equally beneficial.

Having a good house renting experience is all about building a good relationship with your landlord. And now that you know the secret thoughts of landlords in Northwest Edmonton real estate, this task will be much easier. So go ahead and find the perfect rental property for yourself with the help real estate experts in Edmonton.

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