Keg & Cork : A Unique and Educational Shopping Excursion

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Saturday, November 26th, 2016 at 8:53am.

The craft beer scene has thrived in Alberta over the years; Alberta has also seen recent innovations when it comes to local spirits and other ground-breaking endeavours and enterprises in the liquor domain. The Keg n Cork, a notable liquor company in the southern region of Edmonton, helps city dwellers with their quests to find and appreciate excellent booze. Visitors and city dwellers who frequent the store continue to abandon old drinking habits and embrace the possibility of becoming connoisseurs instead. Edmontonians who are trying out Keg n Cork are ditching those reliable, familiar six packs of beers which have sufficed, year after year, as their go-to options. They are choosing ideal wines for comforting beef stews, just right for windy, nippy October evenings. They're sharing the sensations of delight and novelty with their friends and families, beer after beer. They're learning how to pair wines with their favourite pasta dishes. They're stocking up on never-before-tried spirits for the Christmas season. They are relishing their chill sessions at the tasting bar, and their chats with experts, as they learn about juniper berries and lager.

The Keg n Cork has some awesome, appealing features. Purchasing a "growler bottle" allows you to fill up with beer on tap. The company encourages shoppers to visit its facebook page to see what's brewing. They proudly declare that they've got more than 700 beers in their cooler, and that they've got more than 3000 products, in total. This is the place to choose if you're not only looking for micro brewed, local craft products, but also yearning to try out companies' products that have been imported from far and wide corners of the earth. Beverage aficionados are happy to volunteer their assistance, and they will even "custom tailor a solution to suit your personal or business function". Booze accessories include barware, flasks, glassware, and storage gear.
The website is also worth a visit. One of its best features is its fantastic selection of articles, which will assist you with all of your liquor-related concerns. You might wish to become a better judge of alcoholic beverages, carry liquor on a hike adeptly, wow your guests, study some beer science, or learn some intriguing alcohol-related history. If you enjoy beer or wine or if you are curious about drink and meal pairings, then you'll love the blogs on the website, too. You might find reviews of the beers you want to try. I gladly discovered, for the first time, the possibility of smoked beer. That's right, there are smoked beers! There are also links to fun, informative websites of friends of the Keg n Cork, such as Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous. You can register for upcoming tastings; this November, scotch malt whiskey will be featured. Gotta love scotch malt whiskey!

If you are visiting Edmonton, a trip to the Keg n Cork should be on your to-do list. Do take a look at the website before you go. On my virtual search, using the map feature, I visited the walk-in cooler and was super impressed by a myriad of tantalizing beers that I hadn't seen before. Definitely wander into the famous "Das Cooler". There are also familiar favourites throughout the store; when planning a get-together, you can mix and match high-quality, picturesque skull-shaped bottles of award-winning Crystal Head vodka or some Bacardi with something completely foreign to your guests. Start with something you've never seen before on your humdrum liquor errands, and you will very likely frequent the store again and again. You'll probably buy plenty of gifts there and it will be a valuable learning space and also a space to unwind. The store is located very close to one of our favorite Neighbourhoods: Ritchie.


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