Important Steps In The Home Selling Process

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, October 27th, 2017 at 5:30am.

Are you planning to sell your home in Edmonton? It isn't as difficult as it may seem. You just need some to make some smart decisions and have the patience to sell your home at the best price. Here is a step-by-step process of putting your home for sale in Edmonton.

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Decide The Right Time

Timing or the season can often influence the selling price of homes in Edmonton. Generally, spring and summer is the time when people prefer buying a new house. Depending on the time and seasonality, you can understand whether it is a buyer's market or seller's and how quickly your home will be sold. Accordingly, you can decide the right time to sell your home.

Find Your Home’s Value

Understanding the value of your home is important to price it correctly. If you overprice your house, it may remain on the real estate market for a long time as no one would be willing to pay a lot for it. Find out the selling price of other homes in your neighborhood with somewhat similar features and area. Also, take a look at the supply and demand of houses in your area to further price your home rightly.

Prepare Your Home

After deciding the selling price of your house, it's now time to prepare it for sale. You cannot sell your house in a bad condition. To attract potential homebuyers and earn the best price of your home, you must repair all the problems in your house. De-clutter your property and maintain it. Fix all the plumbing and electrical issues. Most importantly, paint your home in and out and make it look appealing. Looks matter.

Market Your House

Once your home is prepared, you must focus on marketing it right. Stage your home on several online home listing websites in Edmonton. Hire a real estate agent to market your house and bring potential homebuyers to your doorstep. Host open houses and let people inspect your house. Lastly, spread the word to your family and friends and take advantage of mouth-to-mouth marketing of your house on sale.

Receive Purchase Offers And Negotiate

Once you start receiving offers for your house, start negotiating with the potential home buyers. Even if you get low-ball offers, don't ignore any offer. Make sure you negotiate well if your house is rightly priced. Don't accept any low-ball offer even if a buyer is genuine.

Close The Deal

As soon as you get the best offer, close the deal immediately. If you take too long to close the deal and handover the keys to the new owners, there is a chance that the buyers may find another house at a good deal. Be ready to vacate the house within a short duration. Complete the necessary documentation and sign off the agreements in time.

Looking for assistance to make the entire home selling process easier? Hire our experienced real estate agents to close the deal on your home for sale in Edmonton quickly and effectively.

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