How To Prep Up Your Home For An Open House In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 11:07pm.

Preparation is one of the major aspects that result in a successful open house. So how do you make your home ready for an open house in Edmonton? Here are a few necessary preparations that your house needs for an open house:


If you are planning to make your house available for an open house, spread the word in the right way.

  1. Advertise the open house to all the local real estate agents and agencies.

  2. Place proper banner and signages that can direct the potential homebuyers to your house.


Most buyers look for reasons to get discounts if they have to make the repairs after buying the house. You can save the discount price by repairing your house before the open house. 

  1. Repair the electrical and plumbing flaws in your house.

  2. If your home roof looks ugly, dirty, or outdated, replace it. If your roof is wearing off, broken, or leaking, get it repaired. Otherwise, it’s best to install a new, fancy roof. 

  3. Replace the wobbly, broken, chipped, outdated, or uneven floor tiles. Flooring is the first thing homebuyers examine.

  4. It is important to fix the structural damages such as cracks and broken walls. These elements define the aesthetics and efficiency of your house.

  5. Fix the broken or uneven doors and windows.


Even a simple fresh coat of paint can make your property look newer and better.

  1. Cover the peeling paint and spots on your wall by painting your house internally and externally. Use neutral tones of colors so that your buyers can plan the interiors easily.

  2. Paint and stain your home deck if it looks outdated and dull.

  3. Paint the shelves and cabinetry to make them look newer.


  1. Make sure you have a well-organized landscape. Redesign your yard and backyard to make it more inviting. Don’t let your yard look overgrown and shabby.

  2. You can redesign your unused basement into something more functional.

  3. You can also convert your home deck, patio, or backyard into something unusual like an outdoor kitchen or a dining area.

  4. Redesign your kitchen if you don’t have enough storage spaces or if your kitchen seems like a maze every time someone steps in.

Add Lights

Poor lighting can result in a boring or a dingy environment in and around your house.

  1. Replace the old lights and bulbs in your house.

  2. Light up the area outside your house like the yard, home deck, backyard etc. so that it becomes easy to access these places after the sunset.

  3. Replace or update the lamps and chandeliers to make your rooms more appealing and attractive.

Without these preparations, your house might come out being undesirable and you won’t be able to attract potential homebuyers. If you want to attract numerous homebuyers to your open house, you can get in touch with our Edmonton real estate agents. We can help you in advertising your open house and guide you throughout the home showing process.


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