How To Make The Most Of An Open House Visit

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 3:47am.

Open House Visit

Finding a new home doesn't only mean hiring a real estate agent and surfing through the online listings. The home-buying process requires extensive research and for that, you must get out of your home and visit several properties and open houses. Open house visits help you better understand the kind of house you are looking for and also help you find the right one that suits your expectations. To make the most of your open house visit, here are a few things you must lock in your mind.

Research and Decide

Before visiting each and every house, you can do your homework and research about the various houses available for sale. Doing research about the houses before your open house visits can help you inspect the house thoroughly. If you think that the house has elements that match with your expectations and needs, you can go ahead and visit the house. But if not, there's no point visiting the property and wasting your time. 

Observe other Potential Homebuyers

Even if this is not your first time, when buying a house through an open house, you must observe the behavior and inspection methods of other homebuyers. Watch how they talk to the sellers and their agents, the type of questions they ask, and how they walk around the property to inspect. Watch everything and get inspired. This will help you to become a better home-hunter and to understand what you must actually look for in open houses.

Take Notes

It doesn't hurt to take notes in a diary or in a smartphone. Taking notes simply help you to remember important points about the potential houses. There are chances that you may forget several things that are necessary for the process of buying a home. Simply write down everything you notice in the houses that you feel are important and worth remembering.

Carry a Measuring Tape

Don't forget to carry this very important tool to open houses. A measuring tape helps in knowing the actual dimensions and sizes of various things. From the dimensions of rooms to the size of the cabinets, a measuring tape helps you find out everything and plan your future buying accordingly. Also, there are fewer chances of the sellers lying to you about the dimensions in order to sell their property.

Go Prepared

Don't just visit open houses by simply walking around the property. Keep a set of questions handy and make sure you get them all answered. Try to know more and more about the houses. Listen to what the sellers tell and explain about the houses. Also, find out why they wish to sell their houses. Spend 30-60 minutes and make the most of your open house visits.

Hopefully, these tips will prepare you for a productive open house visit. If you still have doubts about your next open house visit, hire the best of Edmonton real estate agents so that you don't feel helpless every time you visit an open house.

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