How To Check Plumbing And Electricals When Looking For Houses In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, November 24th, 2017 at 5:53am.

Houses in Edmonton for Sale

When looking at houses in Edmonton for sale, you must thoroughly inspect every nook and corner of the homes. This inspection should also include checking the plumbing and the electrical systems of every house. It may seem silly, but these are the equipment that causes the most irritating problems when you start living in a new house if they are not maintained well. Not sure how to go about checking the plumbing and electricals? Don’t worry; we have got some helpful tips in the form of a checklist for you.

Plumbing System in Houses

  • Inspect the houses in Edmonton for sale to find visible leakages from the plumbing system.

  • Find out the type of pipe material in the houses. Polybutylene pipes are hazardous while copper, vinyl, or iron pipes are safe and long-lasting.

  • Open and close every faucet and showerhead to ensure they are working effectively.

  • Hold the faucet and the showerhead stems and shake them to see if the caulking and sealing are in good condition.

  • Shake toilets, bathtubs, and sinks in the same way to test their caulking.

  • Flush the toilet to check whether the toilet flushes properly.

  • Drain half a bucket directly down the bathroom drains to check the water draining speed and clogs lying below.

  • Empty half a bucket of water into the bathtub to check the bathtub drainage.

  • Switch on the water heater and check how long it takes to provide hot water.

  • Also, check if the heater produces weird rumbling noises.

  • Inspect the water heater to see if there are any leaks from the device.

  • Visit the kitchen and run the garbage disposal. Check if the blades are sharp and in good working condition.

  • Pour water into the kitchen sink to test the sink drainage.

  • Look for wet patches on the walls or ceiling. Wet patches are signs of leakages in the concealed pipes.

Electricals in Houses

  • Take a look at the circuit box located inside or outside the house and make sure all the switches, fuses and components are in good condition.

  • Check if the house wiring is grounded/earthed or not. If the house has at least one three prong outlet, the wiring is earthed.

  • Turn on every light and bulb to test them.

  • Make sure the houses in Edmonton on sale have ample power and electrical outlets.

  • Plug a device into every power outlet to check if they work well.

  • Check if the houses have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets that protect you from unintended electrical shocks in wet areas.

  • Check if there are any wet patches or leaks near the switchboards or electricals.

  • Make sure there are enough outlets to install lights and bulbs in the exterior parts of the house.

Keep this checklist handy whenever you visit any house for inspection. If the house that you are considering doesn’t meet all these expectations, move on to other houses in Edmonton on sale. Consider hiring an expert real estate agent who can take you to suitable houses in Edmonton on sale so that you don’t waste time checking houses that doesn’t meet your expectations.

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