How To Be A Smart Home Buyer

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 3:03am.

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If you are planning to buy a new home in Edmonton, whether it is your first home, an investment property, or a permanent house, we can help you to make smart decisions. In this article, we have compiled a few tips that can make you a smart home buyer.

Attend Real estate Events

You should attend various real estate seminars, workshops, and other events before buying a home. These events will help you understand the science of real estate market better and be a smart home buyer.

Know your Credit Score

Your credit score may affect the loans and mortgages available to you. On understanding your credit score well in advance, you can try and make it better before applying for a loan or a mortgage to buy a home.

Understand the Neighborhood Thoroughly

Find out the kind of facilities and unique features that are available in various neighborhoods. Also, look at the real estate pricing in those neighborhoods. Shortlist neighborhoods that suit your expectations and needs.

Think About your Needs, Not Wants

Buying a home with extra bedrooms, appliances, bigger lawn, and other additional features seem appealing. But you must think and find out which are the things you really need and which you do not. Extra features in the houses also increase the cost of the houses.

Look Every Possible Way

From checking local real estate listings to finding the real estate agents, find out various homes for sale in your preferred neighborhood/s.

Inspect Thoroughly

It is important to thoroughly inspect every part of a house before making up your mind. Inspecting and asking questions helps in understanding the condition of houses and identifying obvious and underlying flaws.

Make an Appropriate Offer

Gone are the days when lowball offers and bargaining worked. Many homes in Edmonton have multiple offers. Hence, estimate the cost and make a competitive offer based on the neighborhood and condition of the house.

Negotiate Smartly

Depending on the flaws and repairs needed, you can easily negotiate with the home seller. Don’t feel shy and negotiate wherever needed. Also, don’t over-negotiate for saving some money. You may end up losing your preferred house.

Be Ready to Occupy Quickly

In this competitive real estate market, homes sell off quickly. If you like a house, talk to the seller and finalize the deal before someone else makes a better offer. Also, move in soon or the seller might sell the house to other buyers.

Read All the Documents Carefully

To avoid any kind of fraud and mistake, it is necessary to read all the documents carefully and understand every word mentioned in the agreement. Right from the credit score documents to the loan and mortgage, and the property documents, read everything properly before signing anywhere.

Talk to our Edmonton real estate agents to know more about home buying and get tips on how to become a smart home buyer.

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