How Can Landlords Protect Themselves From Bad Tenants

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 2:29am.

Your home is your prized possession. It is an investment of your hard-earned savings, which you cherish and love. When you put up your home for rent in the northwest Edmonton real estate market, you do not want it to be occupied by a careless tenant. But how can you be really sure you are letting the right tenants in? Here are a few tips to protect yourself from a bad tenant.

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Get A Complete Background Check Done

Before you rent your home to a tenant, it is essential to get a complete idea of who they are. A complete background check of a tenant is a must. Always ask for their social security number and get a credit check conducted to ensure that they do not have a high amount of debt. Also, ask for contacts of previous 2-3 landlords. You could further get the job details of the tenant to find out more about their income. Do not forget to check for criminal records.

Have A Well-Framed Lease Agreement

Never keep any term of the lease verbal. You may have reached an agreement with your tenant about certain terms but it is necessary to have it in writing to avoid conflicts in future. Also, having a set of responsibilities penned down will not lead to arguments in future.

Hire An Estate Agent

Having an estate agent on your side is always beneficial. An agent filters the tenants before introducing them to you. Also, they have a good knowledge about preparing lease agreements. This will ensure that you have good tenants turning up at your doorstep and the lease agreement between you and tenant will be well prepared.

Have Clear Conditions In Your Listing

It is best to communicate your rules for a tenant in the initial stage to filter out unwanted applicants. When putting up your house for a rental listing, add an extra note about your prerequisites. You could add numerous things such as no pets allowed, no changes with the interior, etc. Also, firmly mention the conditions which could lead to eviction.

Do Not Hesitate To Evict

In case you have ended up with a bad tenant, evicting them is the only option at hand. Often landlords feel awkward to issue an eviction notice and instead keep giving second chances to the tenants. Remember, the house is yours and evicting a nuisance tenant from your property is your right. Make use of this right to keep your home free of bad tenants.

Screening your tenants before you let them in your house is highly crucial. You do not want to end up having a long-term lease with a nuisance tenant. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Hire a real estate agent from a one of the finest northwest Edmonton real estate company.

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