Houses for Sale in Edmonton Alberta: Host the best open house in Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 at 11:40pm.

An open house is a set up done by a home seller in order to showcase his/her house to a number of potential buyers in one day. The idea of the open house is to showcase that you have one of the best houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta. It acts as a good platform for the home seller to come face to face with numerous buyers. It also gives the buyers an opportunity to examine the complete house. But does an open house really work? Well, it does especially when done correctly. To help you with hosting the best open house in Edmonton, here are a few tips.

Publicize the Open House

The most important factor to have a successful open house is to have a maximum number of footfalls. Higher the number of people visiting your open house, higher the number of offers you receive. To make this happen, it is essential that you publicize your open house event as much as possible. Make use of local online listings and put up ads on classified pages. Do not forget to put up banners and posters near your house and in your locality to grab the local attention.

Be Ready With Proofs

One thing that not many homeowners would consider for an open house is being ready with documents. Be prepared with important documents related to the house. You could probably keep repair and warranties, appraisal documents, inspection reports and blueprint of the house handy for the potential buyers to view. It may sound like an extra work but presenting these documents will give more assurance to the buyers about your house and will help you find genuinely interested and good buyers.

Prepare the Property

Open houses are organized to showcase your house to potential buyers. So before you organize it, make sure your house is ready. Do a thorough check for damages and get repairs done. Make sure you clean out the clutter as it would make your house look more spacious. While cleaning, focus on both, the interiors and the exteriors of the house. 

Let a Professional Handle it

While hosting an open house may seem like an exciting idea, handing over this responsibility to a professional is advisable. Not just for your open house but the complete home selling process, having a real estate agent is a must. An estate agent knows how to handle different kinds of buyers and can solve their various queries without being confused or biased.

Keep it Neutral

An important thing to keep in mind when hosting an open house is to be as neutral as possible. Try to minimize your personality portrayal in the house and stick to a neutral theme. Remove your family photos and keep elegant and simple furniture and accessories. Making the house neutral will help the buyer visualize it more like their own home.

Have a Sign-in Sheet

At the end of your home tour, make the visitors sign a sign-in sheet. This will provide you with their contact details and help you contact potential buyers and follow up with them.

Having an open house bridges the gap between a buyer and a seller thus, making houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta more accessible. So, make use of this platform wisely. If you plan on organizing an open house, reach out to the professionals at Maxwell Progressive for assistance.

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