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Planning your home moving process well in advance can lower the chances of forgetting essential items behind. Also, there’s an added advantage to this, you wouldn’t be stressed at the 11th hour The preparations of home moving should generally start weeks before the final days of moving. If you find yourself baffled during the home moving phase, don't worry. Here is a detailed home moving checklist for you.

4-6 Weeks Before

  • Research and find a good home-moving company.

  • Inspect the entire house and see if anything needs to be fixed or repaired. Get it done if necessary.

  • Decide what you’ll take along and what you’ll leave behind. Make a list.

  • Call gas, water, electricity, cable, internet providers and ask them to cancel or transfer your setup to your new home..

  • Get your finances sorted so that you can purchase the new house and move in effortlessly.

  • Find a good school for your children in the new location and get them enrolled there.

  • Get your new home cleaned, painted, repaired, and make it ready for the next family to move in at the earliest.

1-2 Weeks Before

  • Get boxes and tapes. Start packing bigger items.

  • Notify the garbage collector, newspaper person, laundry service, maid/servant, etc. about your home moving plan.

  • Clear all your bills and dues for all the services you have subscribed for in your current home.

  • Get your address legally changed and notify your bank, insurance company, broker, and other departments about the same.

  • Start using up things that you won’t take along with you, especially the perishable items such as food.

  • Start cleaning the entire property including the garage, deck, patio, etc.

  • Return all the rented items, electronics, and furniture if any.

  • Reconfirm the moving details with your real estate agent, broker, lawyer, etc.

1 Day Before

  • Check with the moving company and remind them of your home moving plan.

  • If moving yourself, arrange for a trailer, pickup van, and/or other vehicles for moving.

  • Check your moving checklist again and see if everything is packed and secured. Make sure you separately pack the essential items and keep them handy.

  • Defrost the freezer.

  • Empty the hot water tank.

  • Drain gas and oil from your lawn equipment, gas grills, heaters, etc.

  • Unplug and properly secure the cables of all the appliances.

  • Declutter and clean the lawn, deck, patio, driveway, etc.

  • Inform the neighbors.

  • Ensure all the services in our new home have been initiated and your new home is perfectly ready to move in.

On The Day Of Moving

  • Check every room, wardrobe, closet, shelf, cabinet and see if you haven’t missed out on anything.

  • Water the lawn, plants, shrubs, and even trees.

  • Switch off the HVAC system.

  • Turn off the water, gas, and electricity main supplies.

  • Make sure all the faucets and plumbing fixtures are tightly closed.

  • Lock the doors and shut the windows tightly.

  • Lock the doors and gates and give the keys to the concerned real estate agent.

  • Load everything in the vehicles and set-off for your new home.

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