Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Find A Rental

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 7:26am.

Hiring a Real estate Agent

Renting a house is a privilege for some, while for the others it is a tedious process that involves a lot of steps. These steps include: finding a suitable lessor, checking the property, lessor screening and signing lease documents.

For a normal person, such a process can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Due to their lack of knowledge and expertise in the field, people are also often forced into unknown terms and conditions in the agreement. This is where hiring a real estate agent is beneficial. Here are some of the other reasons that make hiring a real estate agent for house renting a necessity:

1) Resources

As a lay-person, your options for finding properties are limited. However, this is not the scenario for real estate agents. They have access to multiple listing service (MLS) and often have a direct lead among their clients.

Agents will also be in a better position to screen potential lessors, run credit checks and take you through the terms of the lease documents because that is what they do every day.

2) Agents Save you Time by Sifting Through Available Properties and Setting up Showings for you

A real estate agent will filter options for you and show you only those properties that have been checked by him. They will also assist you in managing emails and phone calls from potential lessors. This will save a lot of your time.

3) An Agent will be Able to Screen Potential Lessors more Effectively

Professional real estate agents are well-equipped to run credit checks and screen suitable lessors. Through their rigorous screening process real estate agents are highly successful in identifying qualified tenants.

4) Agents will Protect you From Signing a bad Lease Agreement

Your agent is not just responsible for showing you properties; he has a number of other responsibilities as well. One of them is going through the agreement drafted by the lessor.

Once a person hires a real estate agent, the agent goes through all the steps and only reaches out for the client in the final stage. Thus, if there are any loopholes in the document the agents can easily identify them due to their expertise in the field and bring them to the notice of both the parties.

5) Agents Typically have More Experience at Negotiating Than you

Real estate agents are trained to be good negotiators. Thus, hiring a real estate agent will ensure you the best deals. As they are involved in the real estate market on a daily basis, they have knowledge of the current trends, the market condition and the latest amendments in the law.

It is a common belief that real estate agents are not interested in finding renters a place. This is not true, at least not in our case. We’d be more than happy to assist you in your search for a rental home in the Edmonton area.


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