Get Rid Of An Undesired Real Estate Agent

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 4:30am.

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Is your buying or selling process being hampered due to an inefficient estate agent? Is your agent not able to help you with your buying or selling process? If yes, then it is time you must get rid of your real estate agent. An agent makes your work extremely simple. If he is not experienced, he can make your work quite tedious.

It is better to get rid of your agent when you find that things are not working between you two. Here are some signs that you need to look out for.
The agent lacks knowledge of the market

  • The agent’s behavior is rude and unprofessional
  • There is a communication gap between you and your agent
  • The agent is unable to meet the given deadlines and commitments
  • Your agent works against the law
  • Lacks basic ethics
  • The agent is highly overpriced
  • The agent is unavailable when you need him
  • Lack of capability to market your house or help you get the desired house

Once you know that the agent you are working with is not the best one for you and he cannot meet your expectations, it’s time to say goodbye. Here are some tips you can use to get rid of your real estate agent.

Try To Work It Out

The first step is to talk to the agent and tell him that things are not working out. Let him know what issues you have. Allow him to put his perspective in front of you and give a second chance if needed. If the agent is unable to meet your needs even after the second chance, you need to let him go.

Wait For The Contract To Expire

There are times when you are bound by a contract and can’t get rid of the agent whenever you want. In this situation, you can ask the company for a new agent or wait for the contract to end. Until then, you need to pay the agent the money agreed upon as per the contract. Once the contract term is over, you can hire a new agent.

Look For Terminating Options

There are options available for you to terminate the contract if you don’t wish to work with the agent anymore. One should learn about the terms and condition of the termination procedure carefully. Mostly, the contract termination includes a settlement with the agent and the company on a mutual basis.

Contact The Agency

If you are tired of speaking to the agent about the contract termination, directly get in touch with the company that the agent is working for. Inform them about the reasons you can’t work with the agent and present some unpleasant experiences you had with the agent. In case you do not wish to work with the real estate, ensure you convey that you need to end the contract and do not need another agent as a replacement.

Agents play an important role in buying and selling of houses for sale in Edmonton. Risking your money on an agent that is not experienced is not a good option. Instead, be careful and hire an expert agent from the finest real estate agency in Edmonton.

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