Fourteen Things You Must Inspect When Buying A House In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 12:31am.

buying a home in Edmonton

Before buying a home in Edmonton, you must thoroughly inspect every part of the house and then make the right decision. Here is a home inspection checklist you must keep handy when home-hunting.

Home Inspection Checklist:

  1. Look at the house inside out and check if the paint is chipping or peeling. Also, check if the plaster and internal work are showing off. If you find improper paint and plaster, you will have to wait a little longer before moving into the new house.

  2. Check for cracks on the walls, floor, ceiling, near the foundation of the walls, and other components of the house. These cracks can compromise the quality and stability of your house.

  3. Ensure that the ceiling isn’t sagging and the walls are not bending inwards or outwards. These are serious structural defects that can even cause the house to collapse.

  4. Find out if there are any damp or wet spots on the ceiling and walls. Moisture can ruin the quality of air inside the house.

  5. Check if there are any traces of mold, fungus, or algae on the walls, ceiling, flooring, etc. of the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and other rooms. Mold and fungal growth can be signs of moisture in the walls and ceiling of the house. Getting rid of this moisture can be costly and difficult.

  6. Check if the connections of eavestrough, downspouts, roof pipes, and other roof plumbing are secured and firmly attached. Ensure that these are not shaky or dangling. Also, check for cracks and signs of corrosion in these systems.

  7. Inspect the drainage system and check if it is clogged and located inappropriately.

  8. Go up on the roof and inspect the condition of the roof. Check if there are missing or broken shingles, cracks in the roof, and find out when was the last time the roof was replaced or repaired.

  9. Inspect the attic and notice if there are any structural issues or leaks in the roof.

  10. Go down in the basement and check for structural and plumbing problems. Check for the signs of moisture by looking for mold growth and musty smell.

  11. Inspect the visible plumbing system and check for leaks, drips, cracks, or corrosion. All these can affect the quality of water, increase the water bills, and lead to an inefficient plumbing system.

  12. Ensure there is enough water pressure in all the faucets and in the appliances, and that all drains are working well.

  13. Inspect the electrical system of the house and ensure all the switches, fans, lights, cooling and heating system, appliances included in the house, and other electrical components are in good working condition.

  14. Make sure all the other parts of the house such as the yard, garage, home deck, patio, etc. are free from any kind of structural problems.

For a complete inspection before buying a home in Edmonton, it is advisable to hire skilled inspectors and Edmonton real estate agents. Our professionals never miss out on any of the inspections and help you in buying the right home.

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