Five Reasons You Must Not Renew Your Rental Lease

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 1:16am.

renew rental lease

The landlords are not the only authorities that have the benefit of making decisions and terminating or extending the lease. You, as a tenant, also have a significant role in taking decisions related to the lease agreement and tenure. If you think you no more wish to stay in the house that you are currently staying in, you can opt for not renewing your rental lease. Here are a few scenarios when you should not renew your rental lease.

1. Issues With The Landlord

While most tenants are blessed with understanding and accommodating landlords, some aren’t. If you have a landlord that doesn’t cooperate with you, behaves rudely or inappropriately, misbehaves with your kids and spouse, or is way too nosy, you can consider not renewing your rental lease with them. After all, we all need an understanding landlord.

2. Unaffordability Of The Rent

Many states have set rules regarding how much a landlord can increase the current rent by. If year-after-year you notice your landlord is unnecessarily increasing the rent and other related expenses, you can terminate the relationship after completing the current lease. This won’t be a major issue if you can easily afford the ever-increasing rent and other expenses.

3. Need A Bigger (Or Smaller) Space

This purely depends on your needs and wants. If you are planning to have kids or even pets in the near future or if you think your parents or relatives will be staying with you soon, you might need a larger space. Also, for several reasons, if you need a smaller space than your current rented home, you can consider finding a new home and not renewing the lease.

4. Inappropriate New Neighbors

If you have new neighbors who are too abusive, noisy, nosy, irritating, harassing, or inappropriate in any way, you should consider speaking with the concerned authorities to keep a check on them. If making peace with them isn’t an option for you, you can think of moving to another place and not renewing the lease. This can be extremely difficult but at least it can provide the peace of mind.

5. Maintenance Negligence Or Denial

Every landlord would paint the house, keep it clean and decluttered, and maintain it regularly to keep it looking new in order to attract tenants. But not all landlords take care of the maintenance and repairs once the house is on rent. If your landlord neglects the broken tiles, cracked walls and roof, inefficient doors and windows, and other problems or they deny to bear the costs, you can terminate the lease and refuse to pay for the repairs that you aren’t actually supposed to pay.

If you are finding it difficult to deal with your landlord or to terminate your rental lease, seek help from our Edmonton real estate agents. We will do the work on your behalf and make your life easier.

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