Eight Ways To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 2:29am.

resale value of home

Planning to sell your home in the near future? Take a look at some smart tips that can easily multiply the resale value of your home.

1. Create A Lasting First Impression

Make this the first task on your to-do list. Ensure your house looks appealing from the outside. For this, you must paint your house on the outside, replace the broken signboard, gate, and even the mailbox, keep your lawn well-maintained, and have an attractive and inviting pathway.

2. Clean And Declutter

Along with the outside spaces of your home such as the lawn, patio, and the home deck, you must also keep the entire home clean and clutter-free. A homebuyer should be appealed to walk into all the rooms of your house. Use your vacuum cleaner often and clean your house.

3. Undergo Repairs And Improvements

Even the slightest of the flaws can affect the resale value of your home. Inspect every part of your home closely and repair every flaw. Make sure you repair and renovate everything in your home, right from all the minor cracks to repairing structural flaws. Also, get rid of the mold, fungus, and bad odor, and paint your home internally.

4. Clear The Dues

Don’t forget to pay-off the loans and mortgages associated with your house. Nobody would want to buy a house which has uncleared finances.

5. Upgrade The Rooms

The bathrooms and kitchens play a vital role in making or breaking a profitable home selling deal. Newer homebuyers these days want their kitchens and bathrooms to be as efficient, functional, and beautiful as the other rooms in their house. Repair the structural and plumbing flaws in the bathroom, replace the faucets, showerheads, toilets, basin, etc. if necessary. Upgrade the kitchen with modular kitchen components and smart cabinets.

6. Fix The Doors And Windows

The doors and windows not only provide safety to your house but also improves ventilation. And we all know how important ventilation is for better air quality inside the house. If your doors and windows are cracked, broken, peeling, or the paint is fading, get them repaired, replaced or repainted.

7. Secure The Home

Home security is crucial and a house that has various security measures in place has a higher value in the market. Install security systems such as CCTV cameras, motion sensor alarm, access control, extra locks on the doors, etc. so that your new home buyer or the tenant can feel safe when they live in the house.

8. Don’t Overlook The Lighting

Lighting is yet another important aspect that many homeowners miss out on. Perfect lighting can define the ambiance and make your home look appealing. Hence, invest in some good lights, chandeliers, and lamps that can complement the aesthetics.

Even little things matter when it comes to increasing the resale value of your home. For more such tips to increase the resale value of your home, talk to our Edmonton real estate agents today. We can help you in prepping up your home to increase its resale value.

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