Eight Things You Must Inspect Before Buying A Single-Family Home In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 1:04am.

single-family home in Edmonton

Planning to buy a single-family home? You will have to put in a lot of efforts to find the right house from the plethora of single-family homes that are available in Edmonton. One of which is inspecting the house. Inspecting the house isn’t that difficult as you think. Here are a few things that you must inspect.

1. Size Of The Rooms

It is important to check the size of each room. See if the size of the rooms match your expectations and needs. Also, think about the bigger picture and see if all your furniture will fit in the rooms.

2. Existing Structural Flaws

You surely don’t want to live in a house that has some major or potential flaws. So inspect closely and check for structural flaws such as cracks in the walls, roof, and ceiling, unleveled flooring, leaks, bent walls, sagging roofs, etc.

3. Electrical System And Sockets

Look if there are adequate electrical sockets in all the rooms, and see if these sockets are close to the bed or table, basically, check if they are easily accessible. Also, open the electrical panel and see if it is in a good condition. Ensure there aren’t any nests or rodents living there and all the wires are fine and dandy.

4. Plumbing System And Flaws

Check all the visible plumbing pipes in the entire house and also check if they are in a good condition and are not cracked, corroded, or leaking. Look for wet patches on the walls and roof. Check all faucets, showerheads, and plumbing fixtures and see if they are good condition.

5. Space Outside The House

If you are a person who loves to enjoy sitting in an open space on holidays and during your free time, or if you are concerned about the external appearance of your home, this one’s for you. Check the front and back space available outside the house. This will help you understand if you can have a patio, home deck, garden, or a pathway around your home.

6. Trees In The Vicinity

Don’t disregard the mature trees in the lawn or around the property. The roots of these trees can further grow and enter the sewage drains. This can cause major plumbing problems and waste backflow.

7. Parking Option And Space

Find out if there’s parking space in or around the property. Check if there is enough parking space within the property or you’ll have to use the street parking near the house. In both the cases, see if the available space is enough for your vehicles.

8. Situation Of The Basement

If this new house has a basement, it is extremely important to go down and inspect. Check for mold patches, cracks, leaks, musty smell, sagging roof, the condition of the staircase, and the overall condition. Also, check the moisture level down there.

If you don’t find these things to be at their best, talk to the owner of the house and negotiate on the price and cost of repairs. If you find it difficult to communicate with the owner of the house, seek help from our real estate agents in Edmonton.

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