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Outdoor playtime is important to Edmontonians, who readily buy and gladly use plenty of outdoor gear throughout the year. Due to an abundance of gorgeous mountain bike trails, Edmontonians are able to go biking practically in their own backyards. They are also able to get to where they need to be using bicycle routes. But at times, Edmontonians want to take their bikes and search for a change of scene, perhaps heading for the mountain bike trails of Banff. At the very least, on a well deserved day off, they'd like to pack the car full of their best buddies and try out a trail in the city or just outside its limits, seeking new workout challenges. Adventurous Edmontonians often want to pack up quickly and go camping, knowing that their gear is organized optimally. Many head to downhill and cross-country skiing destinations throughout the season. Efficiency, but also perhaps personal style, which varies, is important to many city dwellers who love to be on the move.

Edmonton's Velocity Cycle has a division known as Rack Guy, and they're here to help energetic families and bike and travel enthusiasts get the job done. http://rackguy.ca/

What kind of cargo system are you going to need? Do you have a giant bike? What are you driving? Are you planning to fish? Are you going to be carefully handling your brand new, waxed snowboard? Perhaps everyone in the family traditionally votes or draws straws, in order to decide what's going to happen when Friday afternoon comes around. Will it be a lake fishing weekend, a biking weekend, or a hiking weekend? Edmontonians who are getting out of town are hoping to make memories that don't involve being cramped or scattering their family's personal items all over the road. Perhaps, this summer, your teen will attempt his first black diamond bike trail. You may wish to enrich your traditional summer holiday by making the space to get your child's best friend into the middle of the backseat. Whatever your plans are, you'll want to pack up quickly and efficiently and get going. Staff will help you meet your needs. Perhaps you've got a large pool of bike enthusiasts as friends, and you need an adjustable rack that can hold any one of their bikes at any time. Older Edmontonians can, with the help of Rack Guy, plan to skip the laborious process of tying down everything on their basic roof rack with bungee cords, as they did a couple of decades earlier when they were first starting out as explorers. You can peruse roof baskets, boxes, and bars. Perhaps brass knuckles will make your bike loading and be unloading simple. You might want a roof, windshield, or front loader bike rack. Find out how you can make maximum use of your vehicle and what you want to be done.

Rack Guy carries gear designed by Thule,Yakima, Kuat, and RockyMounts. You can find out more about these amazing companies by visiting Rack Guy's website and surfing from there. The people who make Rack Guy's products are talented, inventive, and keen. Get to know the brands associated with Rack Guy, and get psyched. The masterminds behind Thule stress that they are "an international group of people united by their own passion for helping active families and outdoor enthusiasts". The folks at Yakima bring up the advantage of "freeing up car space, so you can Take More Friends". The founder of RockyMounts, Bobby Noyes, moved to Colorado "to feed his addiction to bicycling". Originally, his bike racks were handmade, and his company has expanded its horizons over the years, impressing and delighting a large pool of customers. Deals are common at Rack Guy; last month those who purchased bikes locally received free assembly and install service. Shoppers at Rack Guy give the experience five stars, praising the service and the affordability. This is a candy store for the adventurer, and your appetite for an expedition will likely be piqued. You might even walk out with a couple of racks.

The kids are almost out of school, and the sun is here. Edmontonians are swapping their ski set ups for bike set ups, and getting their tents, camping stoves and coolers organized. This month, Rack Guy is having a massive sale to celebrate bike month. Drop by at 9929 77 Ave NW and check out some gear. Have fun!

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Written By Brenna Turvey 

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