Edmonton Mobile Home Listings: 5 Tips For New Mobile Home Buyers

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 4:26am.

Edmonton Mobile Home Listings

When planning to buy a home, every smart home buyer has a different choice and budget in mind. For this very purpose, there are various types of houses available for buyers to choose from. One such type of home is a mobile home. Mobile homes are factory-made homes which are manufactured in factory settings and then brought to the location and installed with the help of architectural experts. There are a huge number of homes available for sale in Edmonton mobile home listings. But how do you choose the right one? Well here are some tips for new mobile home buyers:

Choose The Right Type

There are three main types of mobile homes, single wide, double wide and triple wide. These types differ based on the size and the number of rooms of the house. A single wide mobile home is narrow and long with no hallways to connect the rooms. Double wide mobile homes are double the size of a single wide home. They do have hallways but not for every room. Triple wide homes are large and have three to four bedrooms along with hallways and extra space. Based on this, home buyers can make a choice as per their requirement and land availability.

Customize As Per Your Need

Mobile homes are highly customizable. When planning to buy one, customize the mobile home as per your need. You could choose to have a walk-in closet, bathtub or a fireplace. Many manufacturers provide computer-assisted planning to work out a décor and floor plan as per your choice. You could visit a few model mobile homes to design the right one for yourself.

Scout Locally

Though you may get some good design offers for mobile houses outside your city, it is always advisable to choose one from a local manufacturer. Buying the house from a local manufacturer reduces the transportation and the shipping cost of your house. Another benefit of buying your house from a local manufacturer is the quicker possibility of returning faulty materials or taking assistance in case something goes wrong.

Decide On Your Location

While choosing a location to place your mobile house, you have two options. The first option is to buy a property or place it on one of your pre-owned property. The second option is to place it on a manufactured home rental community land. When placing the house on your land, you need to be careful of the zoning laws and restrictive covenants. These restrictions prevent the placement of mobile home in certain locations. These issues do not affect you when you choose to install the house on a mobile home community land.

Choose Appliances

Often mobile homes have certain appliances pre-installed on them, such as a refrigerator. Advanced appliance packages include an indoor grill, microwave, central air conditioning, etc. Choose an appliance package as per your need. Do not go overboard in spending extra money for appliances which you might not use.

Mobile or modular homes are generally bought by people for their flexibility and high customization possibilities. Like any other investment, there are pros and cons of buying a mobile home too. When choosing a home for yourself from the many options available in the Edmonton mobile home listings, make sure to keep the tips mentioned above in mind. To get more information about mobile homes and complete assistance in buying your home, collaborate with our experts.

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