Edmonton Home Sale: How To Find Good Tenants

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 7:29am.

Ever had a tenant who had a habit of paying the rent late? Or did you have a tenant who damaged the property and denied to pay for the damages? Indeed, when you rent your property, you will face some common rental problems unless you have a really good tenant. But how you get good tenants? Here‘s a look at how you can find good tenants for renting your property. 

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Contact his References

A crucial task when searching for a good tenant is doing a reference checking. You can ask your prospective tenant to provide you with details of the previous landlord. Once you get the details, ask the landlord some basic questions such as if they paid the rent on time, were there any negative instances, etc. The answers to these questions will help you to figure out if you are hiring the right tenant or not.

Check his Criminal Record

You may also want to do a criminal background check. Renting your apartment to a criminal may land you in unwanted troubles. 

Check his Employment Status

Check if your tenant has a steady job. Having a stable job will assure the landlord that a tenant is able to pay the rent on time every month. 

Opt for a Rental Lease Agreement

A rent agreement ensures leasing the property to the tenant for a certain amount of time. Ensure that you have enlisted all the rules and regulations for the tenant to follow during his stay at your property. You can keep a clause if the tenant does not follow the lease agreement, you can ask him to vacate your property. This will prevent the tenant from causing problems and living as per the rules.

Take a Healthy Security Deposit

Consider taking a large security deposit for the property from a tenant. This security deposit is refundable to the tenant at the end of the lease agreement. The security deposit can be used if a tenant fails to pay the rent or damages the property. Therefore, if they are willing to pay a large security deposit, it means they will try to avoid any damages so that they get back the security amount once the lease term is completed.

If you are not able to find good tenants, you can connect with a rental service provider who will assist you to search for a suitable tenant. You don’t even have to worry about screening your tenants since the rental service provider will take care of the entire process of getting a new tenant for your rental property.

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