Common Rental Problems And How To Overcome Them

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at 5:44am.

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Edmonton homes search can be a lengthy process. Finding a good house to rent is never easy. What people do not realize is that being a rental flat owner also has its share of problems. The whole process of renting has some hitches for both the tenants and the landlords. Here are some common problems faced by tenants and landlords, and ways to overcome them.


Delayed Maintenance

When you rent a house, the house is yours till the lease, but the maintenance is still taken care of by the landlord. This leads to the problem of getting delayed help as the landlord may take time to get the problem fixed. To avoid getting stuck with such problems, make sure to check for major maintenance issues with the property at the time of signing the lease. Also, make it a point to inform the landlord when the issue is small rather than waiting for it to become big. You could offer to get the repair done and later get the money, but that is a risky option.

Frequent Moves

With the ease of having a rented house comes the worry of uncertainty as you have to move out when the lease is over. This means finding a new rental house every time the lease is over or hoping that the owner agrees to extend the lease. Matters get worse when you get evicted. To avoid this, make sure you convey to the landlord that you plan to rent the house on a long-term basis before renting the house. Also, find out if the landlord is renting for investment purpose or he/she plans to move in later.

Inability to Do Improvements

Your house is a reflection of your personality, but not a rented house. Rental houses come with too many clauses in the matter of improvement. Landlords have clauses about hanging paintings or changing the paint color. To get it your way, try asking the landlord politely to agree to some changes. You could also offer to pay for the changes if it matters much to you.


Delays or No Receipt of Rent

The most common problem faced by the landlords is the late payment of rent. Often the tenants forget or ask for an extension in paying the rent stating financial issues. To avoid this, make sure to keep a thorough follow up on your rent payments. While screening tenants, make sure to choose the ones who seem to be punctual in their payments.

Damage to Property

Since the tenants don't own the house, they are not going to take as much care of it as you will. This means you would find damage to your property when they move out. It is furthermore painful when you put your house on rent along with furniture and appliances. To avoid this, make sure to have a heavy deposit amount. You could also have separate penalties for damages.

Non-cooperative Tenants 

The worst of all problems is to have a non-cooperative tenant. Other problems can be taken care of when you reach an agreement with your tenants, but what can you do if your tenant is the one not agreeing? Such tenants tend to damage property and pay late rate. The best way to tackle this problem is to conduct a thorough screening of your potential tenants. Hire an estate agent to help you ease the process.

As you may have understood by now, renting can be difficult for both, the lessor and the lessee. To avoid being on the receiving end, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, ensure that you try your best to cooperate and build a good relationship. To ensure a better renting experience and get the best of Edmonton homes search, hire an estate agent.

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