All You Need To Know Before Renting An Apartment In Edmonton

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 7:19am.

renting an apartment in Edmonton

If you cannot afford to buy a new home in Edmonton, don’t worry. You can rent one without feeling sad. There are abundant apartment options available here. If you are already planning to rent an apartment, the process is going to be exciting for you. Whether this is your first time in renting an apartment in Edmonton or you are a seasoned and renter, here are a few things that you should know before renting an apartment.

A Renter’s Resume Exists

You must have a renter’s resume and it must contain all the information to make you different, appealing, and more convincing than other applicants. Along with your personal and professional information, personal references, past addresses and the landlord phone numbers, your monthly income, and a copy of your credit report can help you significantly.

Your Credit History Matters

If one of the reasons of renting an apartment in Edmonton is that your credit history isn’t positive, you can still face problems, exactly like would while buying an apartment. Although some apartments don’t give much importance to the credit score, some landlords look for people with a good credit history only. So, don’t think that all apartment managers and landlords will approve your application. Know your credit score before applying for homes to know which apartments are available for you.

Landlord’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover You

If you think that because you will be a renter, you won’t need the insurance, you are mistaken. The landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings. Thus, to safeguard your personal belongings and assets in case of a natural calamity or criminal mishap, you must get renter’s insurance from a local insurance agent.

Rents Can Increase

Don’t be too happy if you find the best-suited apartment at a great deal. The rental costs aren’t always fixed and can increase annually or on a periodic basis. Some apartment landlords tend to increase monthly rental after the one-year completion. In income-based apartments, the landlord may ask you for your income documentation and ask for more rent when you get promoted in terms of your salary.

Stay Away From The Auto-Renewal

Many apartments have a contract which has an automatic renewal clause which means that the lease is extended for another year on expiring once. It is always better to avoid signing such contracts and not renting these apartments as you may not know what can happen in the future. It can happen that you may have to relocate to another city. You surely don’t want to be forced to stay in the same apartment if situations don’t allow you to.

It is always better to hire our professional real estate agents in Edmonton to avoid making any mistakes while renting an apartment in Edmonton. We can help you in effectively inspecting the home, finding the right deal, and even to obtain your renter’s insurance. Talk to us today!

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