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February is yet another month that will interest individuals interested in buying, selling or renting a home, or who simply want to gain real estate-related knowledge. If you wish to know everything about real estate buying, selling, renting and investing this month, then here is a list of real estate events in Edmonton for you.

10th and 27th February - HomeBuyer Info Session

If you are planning to buy a new house in Edmonton, you may be worried about making mistakes during the buying process. If so, you must attend this one-hour FREE event on 10th as well as 27th of February. In both these sessions, the experts of Schmidt Realty Group will help you with a successful plan and guide you to avoid most common home buying mistakes.


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Conducting an open house or not is a matter of choice. While it is seen as a benefit for some sellers and real estate agents, it is a headache for some. Every good thing comes with some negative points with it. Same goes for an open house too. Apart from being beneficial for selling a house, open house also has some negative points. Now it totally depends on what aspects are important to you. Here are some pros and cons of having an open house which will help you decide whether you should go for it or not.


Attracts More Buyers

You need to advertise to attract more buyers. Hiring an agent will make sure that the details of open houses reach the potential buyers. Advertisements through newspapers, street signs, pamphlets, online ads, and

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Who does not want to sell their house at a higher value? This is why every seller needs to know ways to negotiate and get the best deal signed for your homes for sale in Southeast Edmonton. Thinking of ways you could have negotiated after the deal is closed is of no use. Paying attention to every negotiation made by the buyer and countering it efficiently is a difficult task. Here are some negotiating tips for home sellers that can help you close a good deal.

1. Be Open to Negotiations

Every buyer will have some points in mind that he will negotiate on. As a seller, you can’t stick to the terms you have decided. The buyer will negotiate the price. Be open and prepared for it. Don’t get frustrated when the buyer negotiates. Be prepared with

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Apartment Condos for Sale in Edmonton Finding your dream home today can be challenging. Choosing the right type of house as per your need is another situation to tackle. Based on your budget, space requirement and location, you can choose to buy a single-family home, a duplex or a condo. Apartment condos for sale in Edmonton are a good option if you have a limited budget. But how do you find the best one? Well here are some aspects to consider in order to find the best apartment condos for sale in Edmonton.


The right neighborhood might be the biggest factor to select the best condo in Edmonton. If you have a particular neighborhood in mind, then your focus should automatically be on that one. For example, your neighborhood focus might be for homes in Leduc…
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The Southwest part of Edmonton is a great place to live in for families of different sizes. The MLS Edmonton Southwest has some amazing single-family houses that you can consider if you are planning to live in Edmonton. With popular neighborhoods like Windermere, Rutherford, Langdale, and many others that offer you best schools, restaurants, parks, master-planned apartments, and many other amenities, the neighborhood becomes an ideal place for everyone. Here are some best single-family houses available on sale in Southwest Edmonton.

1. 8513 Cushing Place

If you are a bachelor or a couple and require limited space to live, this one can be ideal for you. With just one bedroom, this duplex styled-semi-detached home is located in the…
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Northgate Townhouses in Grande Prairie Are you the owner of Northgate Townhouses in Grande Prairie? Are you planning to sell it? If yes, then preparing the townhouse for buyer inspection is necessary. Every buyer has a set of things he will inspect before closing the deal. It’s the sellers’ job to get the house ready so that it attracts the buyer. There are a few things the seller can include to prepare the townhouse for inspection and also increase the value of the townhouse. Here are a few of steps that one must follow to prepare the townhouse for inspection.

Clean Your Townhouse

A house with too much dust, scattered stuff, and a messy garden give a bad impression to the buyer. Cleaning before house inspection is always necessary. It not only makes your Northgate townhouses in…
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House for Sale in Edmonton NorthWest So you have decided to sell your house and put it on "house for sale in Edmonton North West" listing. In that case, you might be receiving several queries from potential homebuyers. Still your house in on the real estate market for a long time. Have you ever thought what is the reason for this? If not, here are a few reasons you are losing potential homebuyers that you must know.

1. Inappropriate Pricing

The major reason why you are losing potential homebuyers is the inappropriate pricing. If you price your house too high, many potential homebuyers won’t be able to afford it. What is the use of putting your house on sale when its price doesn’t fit into most budgets? Therefore, you must review your pricing structure, study the prices of…
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Edmonton houses for sale

Buying a house is the biggest expense and investment that you may make. But budget always limits us from buying the home we desire. Buying for the first time can make it difficult for you to understand the rates of Edmonton houses for sale. You might end up paying higher rates for your house as well. So here are some ways to save money when buying houses for sale in Edmonton.

1. Preplan Your Savings

The first thing you should consider before you start hunting a home is to start saving money. It will help you pay the down payment as soon as you finalize the house. Also, having your down payment ready saves you from paying extra money to the mortgage insurance companies. There are various options you can choose to save money for your down payment.…
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Northgate Townhouses in Grande Prairie

Buying or renting a house for your living is a difficult choice to make. You have a variety of residential options to choose from - duplex, triplex, townhouse, single-family home, condominium and many more. Looking for duplex or Northgate townhouses in Grande Prairie is a great option to go for. If you are wondering what is the difference between a duplex and a townhouse in Grande Prairie, then continue reading.






Duplexes are two separate living spaces on a single property built side-by-side. Every duplex unit has a separate entry.

Townhouses are series of home-built vertically and connected side-by-side in a row to other townhouses. Each floor is a separate

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