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Winter in Edmonton is almost done, and it's time for the spring season to arrive. This season is ideal for buying, selling, or renting homes in Edmonton. Or for carrying out various building repairs. A number of real estate and other local events in Edmonton will take place in March. Attend these events to stay updated with various real estate and home improvement trends.

10th March - Home Buyer Seminar

This two-hour, FREE seminar is divided into two parts. The first part is known as the home buyer seminar wherein Beni Kavoc will touch upon topics like preparation for home buying, legal aspects of purchasing and owning a home, tips for first-time home buyers, and pre-approval for your mortgage. And the second part is known as the seminar of

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Apartments in Village Green Often people think that there is no need to hire an agent to sell their apartments in Village Green. They think that it is a waste of money and instead they can use this money for some other work. These people are unaware of the benefits they get by hiring an agent. A real estate agent not only eases the selling process but also helps you get good value for the apartment. Here’s why you should hire a real estate agent to sell your apartment.


They Help Stage Your House

Staging your house is an important part to attract and convince a buyer to buy your apartment. There are many things which you need to do - painting, repairing the old furniture, decluttering the house, maintaining the lawn, checking the electric and plumbing issues,…
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Buying a home is a big step which needs a lot of time, energy and money investment. Giving your time and energy are still possible, but everyone cannot afford to buy a house. The alternative for such home seekers is renting a house from the many options available on Edmonton house rental listings. Although you will be renting a house, it is still a place where you will be living for a long period of time. So why not find the best one? To help you out, here are some ways to find the perfect rental house.
Edmonton House Rental Listings

Set A Budget

Whether you buy a house or rent one, the most important step before anything else is to set the budget. When you decide on a budget, it makes the process of looking for homes easier as you know what your limitations are.…
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Have you bought a new home in Canada? If yes, you might be thinking of shifting to your new home and have a relaxing time. Once you move into your new home, you should first complete all the after possession work. When you buy a house from Edmonton homes on sale listings, there are some things to consider when moving into a new house. Also, a few legal procedures are to be completed for peaceful living in future. Here are some things that you need to do after you get your home possession.
Edmonton Homes on Sale Listings

Store And Digitize Your Documents

There will be many documents related to the buying process. It is important to keep them safe. You must create two to three copies of all the documents. Also, it is better to digitize the documents for easy access…
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Buying a home is a major decision, and for some, it is a once in a lifetime decision. If you are considering buying a Northgate Townhouse, then you need to focus on certain aspects of Northgate townhouses which are no different if you buy any other kind of houses. Along with the budget, location, loan options, and many other aspects, looking for basic requirements in your townhouse is also necessary. Below mentioned are a few tips which you shouldn’t ignore while buying Northgate townhouses.
Northgate Townhouses

1. Look Beyond Beauty

Every house that is available on the Edmonton listings will attract you. It’s important that you focus on the hidden aspects or details of the townhouse as well. The wall paints and beautifully crafted townhouse will be…
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Are you planning to rent a house? If yes, you should definitely consider searching on Edmonton house rental listings. While there are people who will warn you about common rental problems, one can overcome it easily. Inspecting the house and screening the landlord are just a few things to be performed. Along with this, being aware of various things and responsibilities that come along with renting a house is unavoidable. Let’s see some basic things you need to know if you wish to rent a house.
Edmonton House Rental Listings

1. Expense Is High In The First Month

If you are planning to rent a house, remember that you need to pay more for the first month. This is because of the security deposit the landlord will take from you along with the monthly rental fee. Along with this,…
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When you plan to buy a new house and start looking for Edmonton homes sale listings, you get very excited about the new house and new neighborhood. You shortlist houses, visit open houses and finally get that one right house that meets your needs and expectations. You then begin packing your belongings and prepare to move very soon. But one thing that makes moving to a new house almost a nightmare is the thought of moving with your pets. Pets can be troublesome at times and can delay your entire home-moving process. But here are some tips that can make your life easier and less stressful.

Do The Documentation

If you are planning to move internationally, to a new country, you may require a lot of preparation and documentation for your…
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Formerly a part of Canadian Forces Base Edmonton, Griesbach is now growing as a residential area. Situated on the west of Castledowns Road, Griesbach is a quiet location with a lot of green areas. Edmonton homes on sale listings provide exciting and affordable single-family homes in Griesbach. Let’s have a look at some of the beautiful single-family homes in Griesbach.

Edmonton Real estate Listings

4319 Veterans Way

Spreading over 2600 sqft, this single-family house is a fully furnished one. If you are living with a family, this bungalow style is ideal for you. It has three bedrooms, two full baths, 1 half bath, and four parking spaces. With vinyl windows, 9ft ceiling, wet bar, and many other amenities, this house is just perfect for any living.

Address: 4319 Veterans

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