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Edmonton Luxury Real Estate Market 



Luxury houses in Edmonton are over and over again defined by the sales price. These family homes in the city usually come with numerous acres of land. Existing in a home with seven bedrooms and greater than 3,500 square feet of space which are the type of home found in the city run around $ 3.5 million. To add to that, luxury condominiums are a new part of the marketplace and many appear with two or more bedrooms. Sumptuousness condominiums can vary as high as $ 4 million depending on the size as well as position. Some of these houses are gated, considered with columns or are a renovated momentous home. Moreover, these are many dissimilar designs, styles as well as sizes of houses found within the

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Edmonton Real Estate

Okay we've all heard it before: Location, Location, Location! So let's just get that out of the way. I wanted to write an article about what other location factors go into the pricing premiums buyers are willing to pay for their homes. So here is what I have come up with my years of experience working with home buyers. Pay attention because these things will be huge factors when you're selling your home.

Unobstructed views & Light :

A home built that backs onto green space is probably one of the most sought after requests we here from buyers. Who doesn't like to have a natural view?  Natural light improves your feeling inside the home & guess what, more importantly The resale value! Does your home back onto a park, a

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As a listing Realtor® here in Edmonton I get asked certain questions more frequently. One that seems to keep coming up in the last couple of weeks is that of the Open House.


Open House Strategy 


Does hosting an Open house increase the chance of selling my home?  Simple answer. YES! Of course it is not a guarantee that the buyer of your home is going to find it that saturday or sunday afternoon but you are certainly increasing  the odds of it happening. 2 great examples of this happening to our team in the last 2 weeks. was a home I listed in April & had back to back open houses the first weekend. I did not find the buyer & represent them from doing the open house, but I am fairly certain the buyer did come through

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Top Edmonton Neighbourhoods.

Every year, a variety of publications reach out to their readers asking them what are the best neighbourhoods and release their list of the top ones in Edmonton. For 2015, here are the top ten choices within the area according to Avenue Magazine.

Central Edmonton Real Estate 

Strathcona - There is no doubt this character neighbourhood consistently makes makes the top list in Edmonton. Over 600 businesses support the area and is home to many of the city's festivals. In the summer you can find restaurants and patios along the famous Whyte Ave. In the colder months, you can easily find a great coffee shop and plenty of book stores.

Glenora - When you live in Edmonton and you talk about Glenora people instantly

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Edmonton's POGO is Spring-Loaded! Convenient, Green, Car Share Initiative Thrives in Edmonton

A handy car share service business started by Edmontonian entrepreneurs in 2014 is growing fast, to the satisfaction of green living enthusiasts and the general public.  The company is the brainchild of Kieran Ryan and his partners Alexis Alchorn, James Kiran, Dennis Lam and Patrick Finnegan. Clients are loving it!  Pogo's vehicle inventory has more than doubled since the company's launch.  In an October 2015 interview, Pogo told the Edmonton Journal that "we've been really happy with the numbers of people signing up".  Ryan reports that many customers are millennials, who choose to use POGO in lieu of buying a car.  Such services are both popular and

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Professional Photography in Real Estate 



The difference is clear!

Photography makes a tremendous the difference!



Which house would you rather live in?  It’s an easy choice, and potential clients want the same.  It’s pretty obvious that the photo on the right represents a more accurate and appealing representation of this living room.  So why discourage buyers with an inaccurate portrayal of your client’s home?


With a professional real estate photographer, your listings will capture the buyers attention from the first photo.  And because 92% of potential buyers are looking at listings online first (National Association of REALTORS® 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers) , those

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Blatchford Project Underway

The Blatchford Project 

The old runways of Northwest Edmonton’s Blatchford Field Airport, which closed in 2013, are to be given new life.   The city reports that the recycled concrete, asphalt, and gravel will comprise the streets of a sustainable, green neighbourhood that will hum with shared energy.  The city will, once again, lead the world on a path to sustainability through environmentally friendly innovations.  For a while now, there have been whispers in the Edmonton Journal and The Edmonton Sun about visions of a "green mecca", a "utopian" and "ambitious" plan.  In 2014, pre-construction work commenced. This past year has seen excitement, anticipation, and massive developments: park territory, residences, and

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A Great Problem to Have: How to Handle Multiple Offers for Your House or Condo
















Multiple Offers

With the real estate game in a state of constant flux, getting an offer on your house or condo might seem encouraging enough. However, there's always the possibility that your property might hit the market hot, and this could mean more than one offer on your home. While having multiple offers can be the best of all outcomes, there are a few ways to handle this situation and make the most of your home sale.

Communication Is Key With Potential Buyers

The occurrence of having multiple offers on your home may put you in the power position, but you'll want to keep potential

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Edmontonians can count the remaining days on their fingers as January 16 approaches. Without doubt, a curious audience will be lining up that morning for a special internal viewing of a massive construction project as it races towards completion in the fall. The city is abuzz with talk of a brand new arena that will predictably become legendary, changing downtown Edmonton dramatically. Rogers Arena, surpassing its function as a new home for the city's well-loved Oilers, is designed to impress. The arena, described by city representatives as "stunning", replete with 18,500 seats, will outshine the smaller Rexall Place that has been in the city spotlight for decades.

Downtown Investment is taking off

The building is in accordance with a

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