5 Things To Know When You Wish To Rent A House

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 5:30am.

Are you planning to rent a house? If yes, you should definitely consider searching on Edmonton house rental listings. While there are people who will warn you about common rental problems, one can overcome it easily. Inspecting the house and screening the landlord are just a few things to be performed. Along with this, being aware of various things and responsibilities that come along with renting a house is unavoidable. Let’s see some basic things you need to know if you wish to rent a house.
Edmonton House Rental Listings

1. Expense Is High In The First Month

If you are planning to rent a house, remember that you need to pay more for the first month. This is because of the security deposit the landlord will take from you along with the monthly rental fee. Along with this, you will also spend few dollars on cleaning and maintenance of the house, if needed. In cases where there is no security deposit, which is rare, the landlord will ask you to pay one-month rent extra along with the monthly fee.

2. You Might Need To Pay The Utility Bills

While closing the renting deal, there may be some landlords who will want you to pay all the utility bills. Whereas, some prefer paying it themselves and the charge is included in your monthly rental fee. There are times when some bills are paid by the landlord while some are to be taken care of by the tenant.

3. Good Credit Score Will Not Affect The Lease

Unlike buying a house, renting price is not affected by a good credit score. You do not need a loan for the house, and hence, a credit score does not come into the picture. All the money decision is solely on the landlord. Based on mutual understanding, a rental fee is decided, and the landlord decides whether he wants to keep you as a tenant or not.

4. There May Or May Not Be A Termination Clause

When you sign a renting contract, there are times the landlord includes a termination clause. This clause will have certain guidelines which you will have to abide by for terminating the contract. If there is no such clause mentioned, then you need to communicate the reason for termination to the landlord. In case, the landlord is not happy with the termination; then you may have to pay a certain amount to the landlord for breaking the lease.

5. There Will Be Sudden Inspections

The process is not completed just by signing the contract. The landlord can come in anytime to have an inspection of the house. He will check if the house is well-maintained or not and take future measures accordingly.

Keep the above things in mind while going ahead to sign a rental contract in Edmonton. If you are still not able to find the perfect house, check the Edmonton house rental listings in the local communities. Inspect the house, know about the landlord requirements, and read the contract thoroughly before signing the rental agreement.

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