5 Mistakes Homeowners Make On MLS When Selling Their House

Posted by Maxwell Progressive on Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at 3:58am.

Staging on multiple listing service (MLS) websites is considered to be one of best ways to put residential properties for sale. However, many homeowners make countless mistakes while staging their houses on MLS websites. Some of these mistakes can often keep your house unsold for a long time. If you too are planning to sell your house with the help of MLS websites, you must know about the most common mistakes people make.

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1. Not Providing House’s Information

What would you look for while buying a new house on MLS websites? The description of the houses, right? The written description, properties, or features of the house matters as it explains several things to the buyers. If you don’t provide crucial information about the house such as the square footage, the number of bedrooms, type of house, additional space, etc. you will hardly attract any home buyers as you won’t provide the information that they are looking for.

2. Not Putting Pictures

Pictures help your potential homebuyers get an idea of how your house exactly looks. Home pictures speak a lot about various attributes of your house that a written description won’t explain. Not putting pictures of your house is like not providing enough information to the potential buyers. This way, you won’t get a high response for your house on sale, and your house might end up being in the market for a long time.

3. Adding Badly Shot Pictures

As mentioned, uploading pictures of the house is essential, but that doesn’t mean you upload random pictures. Badly shot pictures, shabby, dirty, blur, and dark pictures can only mislead your potential home buyers. They might not accurately understand every detail of your house, which also can lead to a delayed sale of your house.

4. Missing Out on Contact Information

What’s the use of staging a house with an in-depth description and helpful pictures when you don’t provide a medium to communicate to your potential buyers? It is a total waste of your time and efforts. When you don’t provide your phone number, email, or address on the MLS website, the potential prospects won’t be able to get in touch with you. This can be a complete loss-loss situation for you.

5. Pricing Too High

Will you pay a big amount for a house even if it meets your requirements? Surely not. Nobody would want to pay more than what the house is actually worth. Pricing your house higher than you should acts as a demotivation for most homebuyers, even when you are selling your house with the help of MLS websites. If you price your house unnecessarily too high, buyers won’t be able to afford it. And this way, the house will remain unsold for a long time.

Now that you know of the mistakes you need to avoid, you can stage your home effectively and expect a good deal for your house. Talk to our real estate agents to get your home listed on Maxwell Progressive, one of the reputed MLS websites in Edmonton. Our agents will assist you to list your house with all the necessary information and sell it at a good price. 

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