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local events in Edmonton

The new year 2018 has got a lot of opportunities for you if you are planning to buy, sell, or rent a property in Edmonton, or if you are looking forward to investing in real estate. Edmonton City is going to host several real estate events in January. Be a part of various local events in Edmonton and be well-versed with every nuance of real estate.

10th January - Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association Monthly Meetup

Edmonton Real estate Investors Association is Edmonton city’s longest running and most active club established in 1985. Ivan, David, and Brandon, the key members of the Association organize this monthly meeting for the members of the club wherein they talk about various aspects of real estate market of Edmonton. This month, the

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apartment condos for sale in Edmonton

Are you confused of what is to be done for listing apartment condos for sale in Edmonton and how? Patience and some smart decisions. That’s it! Your work is done. Have a set of parameters ready in hand and just follow the steps.

Things To Remember While Planning To Sell Your House

It is important for one to get the best value from selling their apartment condo. Hence, one needs to focus on various aspects before selling.

Time Of Selling

The timing for when you sell your apartment condo matters a lot. People generally sell their apartment condo during the summer and spring season. It becomes easy for one when they know whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. This also helps in getting the best deal.

Home Value


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Houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta

Finding the perfect house that fits in your lifestyle can be quite difficult. If you like to keep your house warm and love the pleasant atmosphere created by burning logs of wood, a fireplace may be a perfect solution. When it comes to choosing from houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta, a fireplace would definitely enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house. Along with a cozy ambiance, a fireplace gives the house a great architectural element. A fireplace may also increase the resale value of houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta.

Here are some benefits of having a fireplace in your house.

1. Environment Friendly

A fireplace is a great way to keep a place warm. Compared to fossil fuels, the use of wood makes it relatively environment-friendly. There

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Apartment condos for sale in Edmonton

Buying a house can be a bit difficult. While choosing from the apartment condos for sale in Edmonton, you need to be sure if you are getting the type of condo you wanted. It is a long-term investment and you would not like to invest your money in a place that does not provide you the lifestyle you are looking for.

There are various things that are to be considered when buying from apartment condos for sale in Edmonton. Here are some tips on how to select right condos.

Know The Condo

Knowing every detail of the condo you are going to live in is very important. You must know what they are offering you. Learn about the condition of the apartment condos for sale in Edmonton and whether the apartment is well maintained. If not, do you need to do the

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A ‘Mobile Home’, also known as ‘Manufactured Housing’ is a widely utilized housing system. This is a type of prefabricated housing, which is generally assembled in large-scale factories, and then transported across to the sites where they would be used. This is an excellent option for people whose lifestyle involves moving across due to the nature of their work.

You might find several mobile houses for sale in Edmonton, however, you want to make sure you buy the best one for yourself. Here are several things you should know before you buy a mobile house for sale in Edmonton.

Edmonton mobile homes for sale

Considering The Type Of Mobile Home

Depending on your requirement, you have the option of choosing between a single sectioned home and a multi-sectioned home. The primary

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NorthWest Edmonton real estate

Today, we can see that a major part of Northwest Edmonton real estate consists of rental properties. The thought of more than one person staying together may be comforting for some and difficult for many. Financial crunch or limited time to be spent in Edmonton can be the major reasons why people prefer living in a rental property. The biggest issue of living in a rented house is dealing with the roommates. Roommates play an important role in making your life a comfortable or a disastrous one. We understand how worrying it can get to split bills with your roommate, and hence, we have listed down a few tips that can help you.

Choose Your Roommate Wisely

We repeat, your roommate can control the happiness and peace in your life. An understanding

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An open house is a set up done by a home seller in order to showcase his/her house to a number of potential buyers in one day. The idea of the open house is to showcase that you have one of the best houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta. It acts as a good platform for the home seller to come face to face with numerous buyers. It also gives the buyers an opportunity to examine the complete house. But does an open house really work? Well, it does especially when done correctly. To help you with hosting the best open house in Edmonton, here are a few tips.

Publicize the Open House

The most important factor to have a successful open house is to have a maximum number of footfalls. Higher the number of people visiting your open house, higher the number

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Houses in Edmonton for Sale

Planning to buy a home in Edmonton and confused what to choose? Houses in Edmonton for sale can be categorized into three main types, single-family home, duplexes, and apartments. If a single-family home is too expensive for you and an apartment will not suffice your needs, then a duplex is what you should be looking for. Duplexes, also known as multi-family homes are made up of two units, which can be used together or separately. While you may have never thought of buying a duplex, you should think of it this winter for the following benefits.

More Affordable

If you have a limited budget and plan to buy a spacious home, you should consider buying a duplex. Compared to a single-family home, duplexes are much affordable and as compared to

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Northwest Edmonton Real Estate

When looking for a rental house in Northwest Edmonton real estate market, you need to check on various aspects. Apart from selecting a location, you need to check the facilities and screen the landlord. Having a cooperative landlord is always good when renting a house. Therefore, you need to understand what your landlord is thinking. To help you know more, here are a few secret thoughts landlord have about renters.

1. Why was the lease signed without being read?

Your landlord expects that you have read all the terms and conditions of the lease before you sign it. When you do not read the lease, you are unaware of the terms and conditions related to house modification, late penalties, and rent payment date. Lack of this knowledge can create big

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Edmonton Homes For Sale in Windermere

Before you go ahead and buy a house, there are so many things that you need to take care of. You need to list your old Edmonton homes for sale in Windermere, arrange for moving and take care of the mortgage formalities. Among so many tasks, one often tends to ignore small red flags. What you do not consider is that the red flag could be a big realty fraud to cheat you. So, how can you be prepared for it and be a smart home buyer? Here are some pointers to avoid biggest home buyer frauds of Edmonton homes for sale in Windermere.

Single Agent for Both Parties

Do not try to save money and opt for an agent who is working for the home seller. You may consider it to be an easy option rather than hiring a new agent, but it is not. When an agent is

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