November 2017

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Houses in Edmonton for Sale

When looking at houses in Edmonton for sale, you must thoroughly inspect every nook and corner of the homes. This inspection should also include checking the plumbing and the electrical systems of every house. It may seem silly, but these are the equipment that causes the most irritating problems when you start living in a new house if they are not maintained well. Not sure how to go about checking the plumbing and electricals? Don’t worry; we have got some helpful tips in the form of a checklist for you.

Plumbing System in Houses

  • Inspect the houses in Edmonton for sale to find visible leakages from the plumbing system.

  • Find out the type of pipe material in the houses. Polybutylene pipes are hazardous while copper, vinyl, or iron

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Northwest Edmonton Real Estate

Today, several home-hunters prefer buying a single-family detached home when looking for new Northwest Edmonton real estate properties. Just like any other types of houses in Edmonton, even single-family houses have their own pros and cons. You must consider the following advantages and disadvantages if you too are planning to buy a detached house.

Pros Of A Single-Family House


When you live in a single-family detached house, you get total privacy. As you own the entire freestanding property and don't share common walls, entrance or any other part of the property, you are the only one to look after your home and reside in it. There are no chances of nosy neighbors or unidentified visitors visiting your neighbors and peeping in your

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Edmonton Mobile Home Listings

When planning to buy a home, every smart home buyer has a different choice and budget in mind. For this very purpose, there are various types of houses available for buyers to choose from. One such type of home is a mobile home. Mobile homes are factory-made homes which are manufactured in factory settings and then brought to the location and installed with the help of architectural experts. There are a huge number of homes available for sale in Edmonton mobile home listings. But how do you choose the right one? Well here are some tips for new mobile home buyers:

Choose The Right Type

There are three main types of mobile homes, single wide, double wide and triple wide. These types differ based on the size and the number of rooms of the house. A

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Apartment Condos for Sale Edmonton

When it comes to buying a dream home, people always imagine a big house with a lawn, deck, and patio. But this dream is big and so will be its cost. Our question is, why can’t your dream home be an apartment condominium? Though smaller in size, there are some really beautiful apartment condos for sale Edmonton. Not just their beauty, there are various other factors which make them a good deal. Here are some elements which make buying an apartment condo, a beneficial deal:

Low Maintenance

The thought of not having your own garden is off-putting but imagine not having to toil your whole day in setting up that garden. Though owning an apartment means lack of a lawn, the time and energy spent in maintaining one is also not required for a condo. Not

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Houses for Sale in Edmonton Alberta

You have finally found the ideal home out of the many houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta. Moving into a new home is never an easy task. You have to pack up everything and make a move within a matter of days. You leave the comfort of your old home to finally acquire the dream home you always wanted. To make this new home your heart’s haven, consider the following things.

Choose A Right Time

You might be excited to move into your home as soon as possible. But before you take a hasty decision, the first and foremost thing to consider is choosing the right time to move. The weather plays an important factor here. Even if you buy a home in winter, avoid moving in immediately. Moving when there’s snow around can be extremely difficult. Many people

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homes for sale in Edmonton

If you are planning to buy a new house, you must start your search and preparation work well in advance. Apart from looking at homes for sale in Edmonton, you must also focus on your credit score and budget. A good credit score will get you a good loan which will, of course, increase your budget. Before planning to get mortgages and even before applying for it, there are a few things that you should be informed about. Here are the most important things that you must know about home mortgages.

Special Mortgage Programs

Different government and lender mortgage programs are available that you may qualify for. Talk to your lender about Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veteran Affairs (VA) loans to see if you qualify for the same. These

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Northwest Edmonton Real EstateWhen buying a home in Northwest Edmonton real estate, there are various finances associated with real estate buying. The major finance undertaking when buying a house is the home loan you require. It is a long-term commitment you need to fulfil keeping in mind the principal amount and the interest rates. What if you could lower your loan cost to make it an easier commitment? Well, we have listed a few ways to lower the cost of your home loan.

A Bigger Down Payment

Having a bigger down payment is something you should consider if you have a good amount of saving. A bigger down payment means you have to borrow less money as your home loan. Also, having a bigger down payment expedites your loan approval process. A bigger down payment automatically

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Houses for Sale in Edmonton Alberta

If you are a millennial and reading this article, we suppose that you are young and planning to buy a house. And as a young person, you must be aware of certain tricks that can help you inspect houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta and buy a new house. Your idea of investing in real estate will be different from the older generation, but there are certain things to keep in mind before you invest. Here are a few tips for you to remember while investing in real estate.

Save More

The foremost tip is to save money to afford a good home in Edmonton. Although you will get plenty of financial help and options when you plan to buy a house, you will need to show some savings to the lenders or banks to get loans or mortgages, hassle-freely. An individual

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November is a good month if you are looking for information on buying or selling a house, renting an apartment, or if you wish to pursue a career in the real estate industry. A lot of real estate events will be taking place this month. Here are a few of them.

local events in Edmonton

8th November - Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association Monthly Meetup

These monthly meetings organized by the Real Estate Investors Association are something you cannot miss out on. In these meetings, you can meet about 1,550 Edmonton real estate buyers, investors, and landlords and know more about the real estate market of Edmonton. Along with the trio that will talk about real estate buying, selling, and renting, Ross Lightle will share the tricks of negotiation. Ross Lightle is an

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