October 2017

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Edmonton Homes Search

Edmonton homes search can be a lengthy process. Finding a good house to rent is never easy. What people do not realize is that being a rental flat owner also has its share of problems. The whole process of renting has some hitches for both the tenants and the landlords. Here are some common problems faced by tenants and landlords, and ways to overcome them.


Delayed Maintenance

When you rent a house, the house is yours till the lease, but the maintenance is still taken care of by the landlord. This leads to the problem of getting delayed help as the landlord may take time to get the problem fixed. To avoid getting stuck with such problems, make sure to check for major maintenance issues with the property at the time of signing the

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Are you thinking whether you should buy a mobile home? You can take a look at our Edmonton mobile home listings to find beautiful homes in your preferred neighborhoods. However, if you don’t know if mobile homes can be the best choice, understand the pros and cons of buying mobile homes listed below.

Edmonton mobile home listings

Pros Of Mobile Homes

Lower Initial Cost

Mobile homes cost much less than any other traditionally built home of the same size. This is because the homes are fabricated under factory conditions. No natural condition or weather can affect the process and hence, the fabrication process gets completed quickly with the help of fewer laborers.

Availability Of Variety

Modern mobile homes are pre-manufactured using supreme quality raw materials.

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Edmonton Properties For Sale

Your lease is about to expire. It is time to make an important decision. You are wondering whether to move out to a new place or renew the lease. Renewing a lease can be a challenging decision as it will have a long-term effect. It is necessary to think wisely before deciding, as you could end up being stuck with a wrong decision for at least a year. While moving into one of the Edmonton properties may seem like an exciting option, consider these reasons to renew your lease instead:

Moving Costs More

Remember when you moved into your current home? Wasn’t it a tedious process? Imagine going through the same process again. Moving homes, though exciting, can be a very costly process. You have to hire a real estate agent to house hunt for you. Once

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Are you planning to sell your home in Edmonton? It isn't as difficult as it may seem. You just need some to make some smart decisions and have the patience to sell your home at the best price. Here is a step-by-step process of putting your home for sale in Edmonton.

 home for sale Edmonton

Decide The Right Time

Timing or the season can often influence the selling price of homes in Edmonton. Generally, spring and summer is the time when people prefer buying a new house. Depending on the time and seasonality, you can understand whether it is a buyer's market or seller's and how quickly your home will be sold. Accordingly, you can decide the right time to sell your home.

Find Your Home’s Value

Understanding the value of your home is important to price it correctly.

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Have you ever wondered what happens to houses when mortgagors default their payments? Their properties are forfeited by the bank and are put out for sale as ‘foreclosed properties’.

Have you come across a foreclosed home during your home search? Wondering how to go about it? Before you go ahead, you need to understand the whole idea of a foreclosed house.

foreclosed home

Purchasing properties that have been foreclosed is a little different from buying a typical resale property. There are different procedures involved and most importantly the criteria for judging such a house is completely different. Here’s a look at some of the most important factors that must be considered before getting into a deal –

1.Find Out If There Is A Need

While houses with small

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Edmonton House for Sale

The open house events are the current trend in Edmonton. An open house is an excellent platform for a seller and a potential buyer to come face to face. An Edmonton house for sale would require a lot of preparation to initiate an open house in a proper manner. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while conducting an open house.


Spread the Word

Spread the Word

A successful open house is one which receives a maximum number of footfalls. In order to grab maximum attention towards your open house, you need to publicize it well. No need to go overboard with expensive brochures and print ads. Spreading the word online is the best way to grab major attention with zero to little expense. Make sure to add photographs of the house for a better

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Houses for Sale in Edmonton

You have finally decided to sell your home and are now looking for a potential buyer. However, if you have never sold a home before, you are bound to make mistakes. It is essential to understand the market before you put up houses for sale in Edmonton. Make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Not Assigning A Real estate Agent

The most common mistake when people put up houses for sale in Edmonton is not hiring an estate agent. People generally do this to avoid paying the commission to the agent. Sometimes they do it out of sheer ignorance. Hiring an agent, though adding the cost of a commission, ensures that you have an experienced person to guide you. They know the market well and ensure that the best deal comes your way.

Estimating Incorrect

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October is the best month to invest in real estate as most home prices in Edmonton tend to go down in this month. If you are planning to buy or sell your home in Edmonton this month, there are some events that will give you a clear vision on Edmonton real estate. Become a smart home buyer or seller by attending various Edmonton local events. Here are the major real estate events in Edmonton in October.

11th October - Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association Monthly Meetup

Along with the usual seminars, discussions, and door prizes, we will have a presentation and seminar by Ken Beaton, the President of ARCA Real Estate Investments Inc. which includes real estate holdings of 170 rentals, ARCA Property Management and ARCA Wealth Academy. His

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Hiring a Real estate Agent

Renting a house is a privilege for some, while for the others it is a tedious process that involves a lot of steps. These steps include: finding a suitable lessor, checking the property, lessor screening and signing lease documents.

For a normal person, such a process can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Due to their lack of knowledge and expertise in the field, people are also often forced into unknown terms and conditions in the agreement. This is where hiring a real estate agent is beneficial. Here are some of the other reasons that make hiring a real estate agent for house renting a necessity:

1) Resources

As a lay-person, your options for finding properties are limited. However, this is not the scenario for real estate

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