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You can’t just buy a home without having a budget, researching the market prices, selecting an appropriate location, and more. It’s a big investment as you’ll be spending your life savings on bricks and mortar. Which is why - you don’t want to make blunders and end up spending more than you should be.

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The good news is that you can learn from other people’s property-buying mistakes to avoid making your own. And of course, you can always seek help from our experienced real estate agents in Edmonton to discover the real estate market. Buying a home requires patience and millennials today represent the largest share of homebuyers and they are not too patient.

Here are some common mistakes homebuyers usually make when they don’t seek help from

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Now that you are planning to sell your house in Edmonton, you must start preparing. It takes a lot for efforts to attract potential home buyers and sell your house. You must first declutter your home and landscape and organize everything properly, make the entrance appealing, paint your house if necessary, fix various prominent and engraved flaws, replace the elements in your house if needed, and then proceed to market it.

To market your house, you need to make the most of the following means:

Online Listing Websites

It is important to market your home for sale on various real estate related and general, local online listing and classified websites. Writing a brief, appealing, and an informative description and using good, clear, and detailed

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For those who are looking to rent an apartment in Edmonton for the first time, it won’t be easy to find one without the help of an experienced real estate agent. Renting an apartment is a lengthy process. Thus, it’s important to spend some time searching for a good real estate agent and checking their Edmonton real estate listings. Hoping for the best and jumping into the unknown is a risky business. Therefore, now is the time to switch strategies and become diligent for a greater chance of finding the most appropriate apartment in Edmonton.

With the given information, your hunt for finding the best apartment for rent in Edmonton can become easier:


The first and foremost important thing to consider is your budget. Whether you’re

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Most people don’t know enough about the home buying process. There’s nothing to feel bad about because it’s not as easy as buying grocery. There are various terms you should be aware of such as ‘closing costs’ and ‘property taxes’, etc. But if you don’t, our professionals are always ready to help. Just get in touch with us!

It’s important to know about home insurance in detail if you’re planning to buy your first home. We’ll shed some light on insurance-related things so that you don’t feel left out before buying a home.

Homeowners Insurance Is Calculated Differently Than Renters Insurance

In case you have renters insurance, then the amount you pay is mostly based on the value of the property. On the other hand, homeowners insurance covers

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Are you looking for a life partner? Of course, you are because searching for a reliable real estate agent is as difficult as looking for a life partner. If you choose the wrong agent, the experience can lead to months or even years of frustration. You want an agent who can safeguard your financial interests. Well, it really is a big deal to find a reliable agent because when hunting for one you will have to cut through the hype, as agents today present themselves through yard signs, direct-mails, online ads, sponsored public events, and even postcards.

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When you’re doing your research don’t just go with all the glamor an agent has, try to learn more about them by contacting their recent clients to know how their experience was working the agent.

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Planning your home moving process well in advance can lower the chances of forgetting essential items behind. Also, there’s an added advantage to this, you wouldn’t be stressed at the 11th hour The preparations of home moving should generally start weeks before the final days of moving. If you find yourself baffled during the home moving phase, don't worry. Here is a detailed home moving checklist for you.

4-6 Weeks Before

  • Research and find a good home-moving company.

  • Inspect the entire house and see if anything needs to be fixed or repaired. Get it done if necessary.

  • Decide what you’ll take along and what you’ll leave behind. Make a list.

  • Call gas, water, electricity, cable, internet providers and ask them to

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single-family home in Edmonton

Planning to buy a single-family home? You will have to put in a lot of efforts to find the right house from the plethora of single-family homes that are available in Edmonton. One of which is inspecting the house. Inspecting the house isn’t that difficult as you think. Here are a few things that you must inspect.

1. Size Of The Rooms

It is important to check the size of each room. See if the size of the rooms match your expectations and needs. Also, think about the bigger picture and see if all your furniture will fit in the rooms.

2. Existing Structural Flaws

You surely don’t want to live in a house that has some major or potential flaws. So inspect closely and check for structural flaws such as cracks in the walls, roof, and ceiling,

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