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Online Home Listing Mistakes

Along with the traditional ways of marketing and selling home, homeowners are using online channels to attract potential home buyers in Edmonton. Although online real estate listings have become popular since a decade, homeowners still make mistakes. If you are planning to use digital channels for selling your house, you must avoid the following mistakes that others commonly make.

Relying on One Channel

In order to attract potential homebuyers, you must use various online home listing channels to their fullest. Using only one listing website and expecting a huge response can be an unrealistic thought. By relying on a single listing website or channel, you are just focusing on a limited set of homebuyers. Using multiple channels helps you in

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Preparation is one of the major aspects that result in a successful open house. So how do you make your home ready for an open house in Edmonton? Here are a few necessary preparations that your house needs for an open house:


If you are planning to make your house available for an open house, spread the word in the right way.

  1. Advertise the open house to all the local real estate agents and agencies.

  2. Place proper banner and signages that can direct the potential homebuyers to your house.


Most buyers look for reasons to get discounts if they have to make the repairs after buying the house. You can save the discount price by repairing your house before the open house. 

  1. Repair the electrical and

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If you are planning to buy a new home in Edmonton, there are various types of properties that you can consider. Depending on your requirements, you can select the most suitable type of home. Let’s take a look at the types of homes we have in Edmonton:

Detached Single Family or Detached Home 

A detached home is generally isolated and located in a separate lot. Detached homes do not have common walls separating other buildings. Such homes also have extra space for the yard, parking lot, and garage. These homes can be single-storeyed, multi-storeyed, or a huge mansion, depending on the style and structure of the homes. Detached home is the most expensive type of home to purchase and maintain as the homeowners have to maintain the entire property on

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buying a home in Edmonton

Before buying a home in Edmonton, you must thoroughly inspect every part of the house and then make the right decision. Here is a home inspection checklist you must keep handy when home-hunting.

Home Inspection Checklist:

  1. Look at the house inside out and check if the paint is chipping or peeling. Also, check if the plaster and internal work are showing off. If you find improper paint and plaster, you will have to wait a little longer before moving into the new house.

  2. Check for cracks on the walls, floor, ceiling, near the foundation of the walls, and other components of the house. These cracks can compromise the quality and stability of your house.

  3. Ensure that the ceiling isn’t sagging and the walls are not bending

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While buying a new home on your own may seem exciting and cost-effective, taking the project in your hands have several drawbacks. Find out various risks that are associated with buying a new home without a right real estate agent.

You May Take More Time

Searching and buying a home is not a day’s or week’s task, especially when you plan to do it on your own. From finding the right house to negotiating and doing all the documentation, to finally moving in, you have to do everything by yourself even when you have comparatively less knowledge than a skilled Edmonton real estate agent. You’ll have to invest more time in the entire process and thus, the process becomes more time-consuming.

You Have To Deal With The Paperwork

There are several

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Buying your own home can be one of the biggest investments you make in your life. Buying a home in Edmonton has numerous advantages like you get the ownership of a new house and the freedom to make necessary customizations in an internationally acclaimed city. An affordable housing is an important part of making the city livable for everyone. Here are some benefits that explain why you should buy a home in Edmonton.

Cost of Living

Edmonton enjoys the highest average household income in Canada with an affordable cost of living. This is because Edmonton doesn’t collect provincial, sales, and capital taxes and other taxes are also low. Buying vehicles, especially cars are easier in this city as the gasoline and diesel prices are minimal and

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A large number of people planning to buy or sell their property avoid hiring a real estate agent in order to save some money. But, what these people fail to understand is that real estate agents are profitable and helpful in several ways. Right from finding the right buyer or the right property in a correct location to closing the final deal, these professionals perform all-around tasks. If you are thinking of buying or selling your property or home, you must seek help from a licensed agent.

Let's talk about some benefits of hiring a real estate agent.

1) Easy Compliance with the Procedure

While buying or selling your property on your own, you may miss out on certain necessary steps or make mistakes unknowingly. From start to the end, a real

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Buying A Condo

Have you been thinking of buying a condo for a while now? Here are a few things you must know before making one of the biggest purchases of your life.

More Amenities doesn’t mean Higher Costs

While buying a condo apartment, people often think that condos with more amenities are often highly priced. This is a common myth. Many bigger condos have additional amenities and services like a gym and swimming pool. The maintenance and other charges of these amenities are divided among all the people living in the condo. This way the overall cost is generally not too high. The cost of the condos depends on several other factors like the neighborhood they are in.

Condos don’t have Extra Space

It is important for you to know that condos don’t have

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