April 2016

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Professional Photography in Real Estate 



The difference is clear!

Photography makes a tremendous the difference!




Which house would you rather live in?  It’s an easy choice, and potential clients want the same.  It’s pretty obvious that the photo on the right represents a more accurate and appealing representation of this living room.  So why discourage buyers with an inaccurate portrayal of your client’s home?


With a professional real estate photographer, your listings will capture the buyers attention from the first photo.  And because 92% of potential buyers are looking at listings online first (National Association of REALTORS® 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers) , those

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Blatchford Project Underway

The Blatchford Project 

The old runways of Northwest Edmonton’s Blatchford Field Airport, which closed in 2013, are to be given new life.   The city reports that the recycled concrete, asphalt, and gravel will comprise the streets of a sustainable, green neighbourhood that will hum with shared energy.  The city will, once again, lead the world on a path to sustainability through environmentally friendly innovations.  For a while now, there have been whispers in the Edmonton Journal and The Edmonton Sun about visions of a "green mecca", a "utopian" and "ambitious" plan.  In 2014, pre-construction work commenced. This past year has seen excitement, anticipation, and massive developments: park territory, residences, and

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